The bedroom should be a serene retreat from the chaos of every day life. A place to unwind and rejuvenate. But if clutter is accumulating in your bedroom, it can be almost impossible to relax and get the rest you need to face the day.

For some reason, bedrooms seem especially prone to clutter. From books to clothing and little knick knacks, things can accumulate at a staggering pace. If your bedroom is starting to feel like that last place you’d ever want to relax, then it’s time to get organized. The longer you let things pile up, the harder the clean up assignment will be. So do not wait too long to get your bedroom back in shape. Before you roll up your sleeves and get started, take a look at this quick overview to get some organizational inspiration.

There are three basic types of storage: accessible storage, hideaway storage and decorative storage.

Accessible storage includes shelves and racks that provide quick and convenient access and help organize items. For example, special space saving hangers that can fit 6 pair of slacks, or other easy-to-use closet racks that allow you to store your items in the most efficient ways possible.

Hideaway storage makes use of items like plastic bins and plastic bags that can be compressed to free up more space. Rather than being prominently displayed, these storage devices are intended to be tucked away beneath the bed or in a basement or attic. It’s advised to use them for seasonal storage or seldom used items.

Decorative storage complements your bedroom furniture and can be integrated into your overall design scheme. You could use an extra dresser, an armoire or attractive baskets of all sizes placed on bookshelves.

Now that you have some understanding about the different types of storage units available for bedrooms it is time to choose the storage type that works best for your needs.

Ready or not, it’s time to get started with the bedroom organization process:

To get started, we will need to prepare all the supplies. You will need some boxes that will be clearly marked for items in your bedroom that require sorting. Here are a few labels that might be used: shoes, papers, clothes, books, and magazines.

Use one box and clearly label it “donate” and another box labeled “relocate to a different room.” The items in these two boxes will most likely belong in a different part of your home.

You will need to get a large garbage bag for those items that you need to throw away. You may find that you need more boxes for some additional categories, so be prepared. The goal is to make sure you have every single item in the appropriate box.

Once you have removed all the clutter, it is time to clean your bedroom from the top down. Dust the ceiling for cobwebs, wash your curtains or blinds, wash the windows, change your bed sheets, dust all the furniture, and vacuum or sweep the floor.

Assess all bedroom items that must be put into storage containers, trying to keep like items together. Based on how your bedroom looks without clutter, select the storage container that would match the style of your room.

Now fill the storage containers that you think are a proper fit for your bedroom. Again, keeping like items together. Put away each additional, filled storage container.

After completing the organization phase, now it is time to put away your items, clean your bedroom, and throw away unwanted items, on a regular basis. If you are not using an item, then why keep it? Remember than an effective organization process usually involves a good amount of purging. Think about the items you’ve accumulated and whether or not you really need them.

There are a few other things you can do that will you keep your bedroom clean. To keep allergens down, be sure to vacuum one to two times per week. To avoid germs be sure to clean all the remote controls that you use in your bedroom. A reasonable rule of thumb is to avoid eating in your bedroom because it will remove the possibility for spills which lead to spots on the carpet.

Before you know it, you will automatically put away your bedroom items when you are finished using them. You will get in the habit of putting everything away yourself. You must keep clutter in its place, and your bedroom items in their place. By putting everything away as soon as you are finished, your bedroom will always look and feel clean. If you continue to follow these guidelines, the time you will spend cleaning your bedroom will be less and less over time. And, perhaps one of the biggest payoffs, your bedroom will turn into a calm and tranquil place for you to recharge every single night.

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