Unconscious bias when it comes to hiring is difficult to root out. Essentially, it is almost impossible simply because it is an inherent part of human nature. Even when hiring managers and recruiters have completely figured out a foolproof plan on welcoming diversity within the office, an impression will subconsciously be formed the moment a potential candidate comes in for an interview.

The starkest bias that is prevalent in the workplace is against women. Based on a study by Fenwick & West LLP, Gender Diversity in Silicon Valley, it revealed that women occupied a mere 11 percent of executive positions at Silicon Valley companies. While there is an increasing number of women being represented on executive boards, women are still rather underrepresented on these committee positions. Additionally, the opportunities for women to take on key leadership roles are still rather lackluster.

Nonetheless, companies are still trying to reduce the biasness in hiring, something which we have to still applaud.

Here are some innovative solutions in which companies can use to reduce the biasness in hiring.

Remove the unintentional gendered phrases and bias with the help of Textio. This language analysis platform helps companies to write more gender-neutral job descriptions to create equal opportunities for both genders. Furthermore, Textio can instantly predict the hiring performance of a job post and provide clear guidance on how to improve it as well.

GapJumpers is a technology platform for employers to conduct blind auditions in hiring. At GapJumpers, their blind audition process streamlines talent selection by focusing on talent performances rather than on resume keywords. This helps to narrow down the talent pool to candidates who already possess the necessary talents that companies need rather than simply focusing on the resumes.

Most people subconsciously create a first impression the moment they see a candidate’s picture. Unbias.io is a Google chrome extension that removes faces and names from LinkedIn profiles. This helps to reduce first impressions bias when it comes to hiring a potential candidate.

Unitive is a hiring platform that helps companies create job postings to focus on skills rather than stereotyping the type of candidate companies are looking for. Additionally, they help to structure job interviews so that it goes in a direction that is more skills focused.

For companies who require technical skills, Interviewing.io is a great platform to conduct technical interviews. This platform allows candidates to practice their technical skills anonymously and if a certain candidate consistently gets good results, they can get invited to interview anonymously with companies.

Completely obliterating the bias is certainly impossible given the innate human nature. However, that does not mean that the bias in hiring cannot be minimized. With these innovative solutions that these companies have come up with, it is certainly possible to minimize this hiring bias.

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