A straw while drinking our favorite drink, a plastic knife to cut a birthday cake, a plastic bag to carry vegetables: thinking about each of these items individually, they don’t seem harmful. But the reality is that in the name of convenience, we humans are unknowingly causing a lot of harm to the environment that we live in. These use-and-throw items contains harmful chemicals known as endocrine disruptors which have harmful impact on health. Single use plastics have a devastating effect on oceans, marine life, animals and our own health. Only small amount of these plastics gets recycled and plastics take hundreds of years to decompose in a landfill. Animals and birds can assume these single use plastic items as food and can consume it which is harmful for them, the beauty of our oceans is getting destroyed with the litter created with this plastic. All this needs to stop. It is the time to THINK. Ask yourself ALOUD. If not TODAY then WHEN?
While complete ban of plastics is not the feasible solution, but our individual efforts can surely make a huge difference. When we go to a restaurant and order a drink, say no to straw or any plastic cutlery even if they give you. Many a times when we go grocery shopping, we forget carrying a reusable bag and end up asking for a plastic bag from the grocery seller. Stop doing that from today. Always remember to carry a reusable bag made of cloth whenever going for grocery shopping. While going out always remember to carry your own non-plastic water bottle. By doing so you avoid buying a plastic bottled water which harms the nature. We all generally have house parties. During that time, we end up purchasing disposable plastic plates, glasses, spoons to avoid washing of utensils. But this isn’t the correct thing to do. Instead use reusable plates. It requires little efforts to wash these plates but remember that by doing so you save our environment. Today even many restaurants in order to avoid the use of single-use-plastic items for the takeaway orders are asking customers to bring their own utensils to carry the food. We all do online shopping every now and then. Every time it comes in plastic bags which are provided to protect the items. Well, that doesn’t mean we must stop doing online shopping but instead buy items in bulk to reduce plastic packaging. Many people have the habit of eating chewing gums which are also mostly plastic and come in plastic packaging. While there are plastic free chewing gum brands, make sure you don’t throw the rapper on roadside or in water. Instead use a dustbin to throw the rapper.
All it takes are small changes in our daily life which is beneficial to our planet. We all are a part of nature. And its our duty to protect it. Be a part of Change and adopt the two R’s“REDUCE” and “REFUSE” SINGLE-USE-PLASTIC.

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