Elixer India Private Limited, the only company in India manufacturing the entire range of water purifiers, has already captured a substantial segment of the market, thanks to the innovative designs and ideas, unprecedented in the sector, e.g. provision of plain, cold and hot mineral drinking water options, from a single dispenser, thus catering to the whole gamut of whims and preferences of babies to very old people.

The contaminants such as bacteria, lead, mercury, and pollutants sometimes enter our drinking water supplies accidently or through some materials. In order to prevent these, water purification in is a must. By purification process, it will remove these contaminants which have entered our drinking water.
Here are some of the top reasons as to why you need water purification:

The materials such as chemicals and other toxic materials to our body, can increases the risk of getting some types of cancer. Water purification will eliminate these and prevent getting cancer to our body.
Some contaminants can also affect the flavor of our drinking water. It will give a metallic taste or another unpleasant taste to drinking water. Water purifier will purify the water and helps to remove these contaminants, which can improve the flavor of drinking water.

The presence of Chlorine in drinking water can cause serious health issues to our body. Water purification systems helps to get rid of chlorine in drinking water, which reduces the health problems to our body. Water purification helps you and your family safe from illnesses and can improve your quality of life.
Symptoms of nausea caused in children and older adults due to bacteria. By using water purifier, it helps ensure that our drinking water is free of dangerous types of bacteria. Purified water is also used for rinsing off vegetables and other produce, preparing meals and coffee or tea. This makes our foods and beverages taste and provide us with peace of mind that what we eat and drink is free of harmful contaminants.

Water purifier is the best solution for treating hard water. It removes toxin such as lead, mercury, Fluoride, Arsenic, Chlorine which case human body to be ill. Lead metal can cause brain damage and anemia. It is used to remove commonly found Cryptosporidium in lake, river and public supply water.

Utilities companies are placed under significant pressure regarding their environmental impact, cost of service and quality of supply from both consumers and regulators. Harmful micro pollutants in both source water and wastewater streams require advanced treatment to ensure they do not cause damage to our natural ecosystems or human health. Drinking water supplies can also contain micro pollutants, including persistent pesticides such as metaldehyde. When this water is collected for distribution across a water network, it requires treatment to selectively remove the final hard-to-treat compounds that can persist even after activated carbon treatment. The advancement of water analysis techniques enables utilities companies to closely monitor for known substances as well as emerging contaminants of concern and a new approach to treatment is required to tackle these effectively.

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SKF Elixer India Private Limited is the sister concern of SKF Group of Companies, based in Moodbidri, Karnataka, India. The flagship of the group, SKF Boilers & Driers Private Limited is today the global leader in the designing, manufacturing and marketing of food grain, especially paddy, processing plants and machinery. Aroma coffee beans drier, another prestigious offer from the company has been the favourite of coffee Planters all over India, thanks to the latest in technological design and efficiency, the very raison d’être of the stupendous success of SKF!
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