If you have a website, then you have to maintain your website. Just setting up your online store is not enough; website maintenance is necessary for keeping up the good performance of your website. And WordPress Support Plans can help you with this purpose.

WordPress support plan and maintenance services can reduce your time and effort to maintain your website and handle issues like spam, hacks, and errors.

The plans help to handle various tasks like – themes and plugin updates, security checks, and website backups. These things may look monotonous but are important for the success of the online business.

People who have recently started using WordPress and are not aware more about it can benefit from these support services. With the help of support services, problematic situations can be solved easily, and the website can get back online quickly. It is also helpful for experienced WordPress users as it reduces the workload.

In this post, we will tell you some of the best support plans for custom WordPress development websites.

Top 5 support plans for custom WordPress development websites


SiteCare is one of the best WordPress maintenance and support services operating since 2012. SiteCare can control most of the WordPress maintenance tasks. Every day, they take a cloud backup of your website and update the WordPress core, as well as your WordPress plugins and themes, to the most recent version.

They track your website’s activity in real-time, and they also scan for any security breaches. You can make as many support requests as you want. However, if the support request is not covered in the plan, then you will get a quote stating charges for your request.

They have 4 main plans – First is the standard plan, which is suitable for most WordPress websites, and the cost of this plan is around $83. Second is the Plus plan, ideal for large websites, and it costs around $300 per month. The third is the pro plan costing $499. And, fourth, the premier plan costs $1200 monthly.

WP Buffs

WP Buffs is a maintenance and support service offered by WordPress. They provide round-the-clock support through email and chat. They have their staff worldwide so anyone in any country can avail of their services.

The support plan of WP Buffs offers you website edits, security, backups, updates, and basic WordPress support.

WP Buffs offers 3 major plans, namely maintain, protect, and perform. These plans cost $67, $147, and $197, respectively. If you pay early then, you will get a discount on all these plans.

All three plans offer emergency support, and thus if any problem comes in your website, their experts can solve your problem.


Maintainn is a WordPress maintenance company that offers weekly reports to companies through the mail. Their plan includes Offsite website backups, 24/7 security monitoring, and weekly WordPress core, plugin, and theme upgrades are all retained.

Maintainn also has three plans – Standard, professional, and enterprise. If you will pay monthly, then their plan costs $59, $179, and $299, respectively. You can reduce the price by paying yearly.

You can place a support button on your WordPress dashboard once you've signed up for Maintainn so that you can obtain help right from your WordPress admin area.

Their plans will help reduce the time you spend maintaining your website. Also, it offers affordable plans, and thus even small enterprises can afford these plans.


Valet is a popular maintenance and support company launched in 2011. They have their remote staff worldwide; thus, websites all around the world can benefit from their service.

Valet offers plans named – Basic, professional, and Elite. The basic plans cost $300 per month, professional - $750 per month, and Elite costs $1500 per month.

You may employ Valet to undertake an audit and evaluation of your website, examine it for accessibility, and work in project management and development capacity in addition to the monthly support and maintenance plans.

If you want services for your WordPress website while you work on your other tasks, Valet is the perfect choice for you.

WP Tech Support

WP Tech Support is a WordPress maintenance & support company having offices in various parts of the world. They offer round-the-clock customer support through their customer panel.

They offer updates, security scanning, backups, performance improvement, etc. They offer 4 support plans – standard, pro, business, and support. Their plans cost $55, $75, $99, and $175.

All plans will offer you weekly reports, security scans, and all updates for WordPress plugins. So, in each plan, you will get the basic features or services for your website.

Each plan will offer different features and benefits. Make sure the plans you choose cater to your needs and requirements. You can also take the WordPress Guide for this purpose.


In conclusion, we would say that WordPress Support plans and services can help you maintain your website and improve the performance of your website. All the services offer unique features, and thus you can choose the one that suits you best to you. Also, they have plans of different costs to select the one that fits your budget.

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