Even though social media is the darling of new media for now, email is not too far behind and is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, many marketing experts note that email marketing is still the best way to reach and connect with your core audience. Regardless of niche.

Since we are in the mobile space, we love to discuss topics of interest to others in our niche. With that in mind, if as a mobile entrepreneur, you have yet to get your feet wet with email marketing, then we have a few ideas below on how to offer incentives to get your readers, customers and or website visitors to sign up. Since one of the most difficult aspects of creating campaigns based on email is getting email addresses in the first place - this article covers incentive ideas to help in this department. See our top picks below.

1. Niche Specific Freebie - every niche has something of value they can offer for free to entice email sign ups. For example, let’s say you run a mobile restaurant such as a food truck; and you want your customers to sign up to your email list. One good niche specific freebie here would be a free tickets to a special open house for customers only. The key is to make this an exclusive event that can only be had by first signing up to the food truck email list. See the path. Lead them down where you want them to end up; this is called the email funnel path. This idea can work for any niche, simply think of things you can offer that don’t hurt your bottom line but still is seen as valuable by customers and then offer it up (for free) in exchange for an email.

2. Coupon or Discount - this is probably the most popular incentive type to garner good email signups. The reason it is so widely used, is because it works. Who doesn’t want to save 20% off their purchase or buy one, get one etc and get it easily and quickly. I have signed up for numerous email lists from online retailers because of the awesome (20% Off) incentive. Would I have signed up for 5% or 10% off, probably not - but 20% off; that’s definitely hard to pass up. So think of the many different ways to offer a coupon or discount to your customers and make it easy and quick to take advantage of the deal. Easy peasy is the key.

3. Special Tips or Newsletter - depending on your niche, an incentive that is seen as quite valuable and helpful is a special tips sheet or an exclusive newsletter. Let’s say you’re in the alternative medicine field and offer acupuncture as a service. Since this is a practice many are not too familiar with, we bet - a cheat sheet or special newsletter that discusses “Top 10 Ways Acupuncture Can Help Any Pain Ailment” would do pretty well. In other words, sometimes (information) is seen as a valuable freebie, instead of a discount or coupon deal. If your niche happens to fall in the info space, then offer up an informative tips sheet as your must have freebie.

4. Digital Book or Guide - this idea is similar to number three above, except it’s more complete than an info sheet or newsletter. It’s a small digital book that carries more complete information on a topic. Also keep in mind, that the title you give your digital book plays a crucial role in how people perceive it’s value. Give it a compelling and what I like to call a grab me title that screams - grab me, grab me. Numbers usually do good in titles, such as “50 Ways To Make Your Tech Tools Work For You As A Mobile Entrepreneur”. This is a compelling book title and one that your niche customers most likely would be interested in; especially as a goodwill freebie. Think of similar book ideas and see your email sign ups skyrocket.

Email marketing is not rocket science, if you come up with a strategic plan of action and have a solid lead generation system in place; the odds are already in your favor. Get creative, have fun and get those email leads with any of our good tips above.

Author's Bio: 

Missy Diaz is an avid mobile enthusiast and writes for Know Phone - a phone number lookup tool on the web.

When she's not coming up with interesting web content ideas aimed at mobile entrepreneurs, she is active with her local writer's work from home Meetup group.