If you plan to attract customers to your online or online store via email, make sure your email marketing campaigns stand out from hundreds of other email offers.

Given that my company sends millions of targeted emails every month to our subscriber list for our business coaching company, we've learned what works and doesn't work.

Here are more real life best email marketing tips to increase sales that can help you make your email marketing smarter and more effective.

Too many people are afraid to upset their audience or be labeled a "spammer". First is spam when sending an email to someone you do not have an existing relationship with who has never asked to receive email from you in the first place.

You're not a spammer. Instead of email 1x / quarter or 1x / month, email once a week or more often. Yes, see your open rate, sub rate, and spam report rate, but errors on the side of more in most cases. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your email results - increase your frequency of mailing.

Your PEF is the best line of email messages that you send to any new contact on your list. Version 1.0 may only be 6 emails long. Fine-tune it as you go. What process do you need to go through a new perspective so that they are ready to hire your product or service?

When they are done with your "PEF", all relevant contacts are moved to your "charger" group. Make sure you not only stop sending them but rather, once your PEF has run the course with a fresh perspective, you get them into a patterned, ongoing campaign to hear your messages.

Send them according to your sales and content calendar. Take your best emails and use them again (for example, in your PEF, in your barns 6-12-18 months from now, etc.).

If you can only get to 25-50 emails, you'll have enough of a letter base in the next 2-3 years. You can reschedule them over and over with a sprinkle of new offers and edits.

At some point in the future, you will then review this base, keep your best emails, add the new ones you have tested to be strong, and repeat the process. The moral of this story is that it's hard to start, but when you hit critical mass (enough emails so your audience forgets about them before repeating the message), it becomes much less stressful.

Emails are a good place to perform A / B testing. Test your subject lines; offer; calls for action; e-mail format; etc.

Use your professional tests to find your annoying and compelling sales script. Gradually you will build a group of topic lines (thought headline or sales pitch) that resonate with your audience. Then, you need to build that insight into your site's copy, marketing security, future emails, and live sales scripting.

Find your template/pattern/rhythms. We send for example. 3: 1 - three content messages for each direct sales email. We also ship twice a week. Etc.

Your emails are your way of connecting one to one with your audience. Yes, one by one. What is your fire voice? For my company Maui Mastermind, our voice is randomly professional, down to earth "I'm your mate" and a real person and content-rich.

Be interesting, valuable, relevant, and real. This is what your subscribers want. Long order? Remember, you can re-use email messages after a few months, so it's worth getting your messages sharp.

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