As the publisher of an email newsletter you’ve entered the world of content marketing. The basic premise behind email newsletter marketing is that you will send readers useful content, they will let you know if they are reading it by clicking thru for more information, buying your services, and/or sharing you with others.

Your email newsletter represents you and your business. You decide how your business will appear in an email newsletter and whether or not you provide a nicely formatted text email or an attractive and colorful html option.

The “pretty emails” you receive that include images and colors are html newsletters. A text newsletter is simply black words on a white background.

Many businesses still use text emails successfully; however, the majority are now opting for html designs to deliver their content.

Text vs HTML

Text email newsletters are the easier way to go. You don’t need an html template, you can simple type and format your text as you want and go. However, I recommend implementing an HTML email newsletter.

Here’s why:

1. More people actually read the html versions over the text. (What’s the point of going the easy route with text if no one reads you newsletter?)
2. Higher click thru rates with html newsletters (You want to make sells, right? That means readers must click thru and become buyers.)
3. More professional appearance and ability to brand your newsletter. (Branding is one piece required to gain readers trust so they become buyers.)

Most publishers now select HTML newsletters also due to increased tracking and statistical abilities.

HTML Newsletter Templates

You can design your own custom template (if you have HTML skills) have a custom HTML template created for you (this is a service I provide) or you can use a list management service (such as Constant Contact) that provides templates for your use.

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