Have you been 'on the fence' about starting an email newsletter? If so I want to help you land on the side of publishing an email newsletter. Here are 5 top reasons why:

1. It works

According to email marketing research the average ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing in 2009 was $43.62. Still waiting to see how 2010 ROI turned out, but estimates were $42.08 per dollar spent.

2. It establishes you as the go to expert

Email marketing is an easy way to brand your business as develop your reputation as the go to expert in your niche. When your clients and potential clients have a problem they'll no who to go to for the answer.

3. It provides trackable results

You can monitor open rates and click thru rates to learn what topics you're audience is particularly interested in, which means the problem they are more likely to pay you to solve.

4. It leverages your marketing efforts

Instead of you using the "door to door" approach where you speak and market your services to one individual at a time you can share your services and generate sales with a "one to many" approach. One newsletter sent to thousands!

5. It increases the lifetime value of your customer

The more you keep yourself in front of potential clients and current clients (i.e. in their email inbox) the more money the will spend on your services over time. Why? Because they are constantly reminder you are there to help, plus you are able to keep them up-to-date on your new programs and services!

Why Does Email Marketing Work

There are many reasons this strategy is successful. Here's a few:

1. It's targeted marketing. The individuals on your list signed up because they want your information.
2. It's trackable. If something isn't working you see it and change it.
3. It's based on relationship building - know, like, and trust.

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