Internet marketers feel proud to tell that how big their mailing list is… 50,000 subscribers… 100,000 subscribers or even more. But do they get sufficient response when they send emails to so many subscribers? Most of them would say ‘No’. Actually, it is not the size of the list that helps the businesses to get positive responses but it is the quality that matters. The cleaner a mailing list is… the more profit a business will get.

Here are a few tips to maintain the quality of the mailing list:

1. Do not buy e-mail lists – It is not good to buy email lists from other companies. Rather, use email software email tarantula to find mailing addresses according to your business-related keywords. The software works efficiently and removes duplicate addresses or addresses with wrong syntaxes.
2. Use opt-in lists – By using opt-in lists, one can make sure that all email addresses contained in the list are valid.
3. Deal with bounces very carefully – When some emails are bounced back, check whether they are soft bounce or hard bounce. Consider deleting hard bounces. Hard bounce occurs when the mail server at the recipient side rejects the mail. Soft bounce occurs when the mail is otherwise accepted by mail server at the recipient side but bounced back due to the reasons such as mailbox is full.
4. Delete unsubscribed email addresses from the list – It is good to include the link to allow people to unsubscribe from your messages. Check for unsubscribed addresses periodically and delete them. If you employ email manager software, then it will automatically remove the unsubscribed addresses from the mailing list.
5. Do not send same email to one person again & again – The client may get frustrated if he/she receives same email from your side twice or thrice. So, it is better that you clear your list and remove duplicate addresses from the list. If Email Tarantula software is used to generate the mailing list, it will automatically delete duplicate addresses.
6. Merge the lists from 2 or more sources – Manage your lists obtained from different sources properly. Try to merge those lists and keep them sorted. This will help you to find out whether there are any duplicate addresses, invalid addresses or unrelated addresses.

Email manager can manage your mailing lists well and keep your lists clean. Use the software and remain tension free of all difficulties.

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Myself Christina Taylor. I am an online professional editor and author for various email marketing companies. I want to establish my online branding image through which I can provide unique information and complete details about email marketing software and email manger software.