When the brain signals the penis that it's time for sex, blood rushes into the erectile tissue, and what was once soft and hidden becomes pronounced and hard to ignore. This is a useful reaction at the right time, but when an erection strikes during a lecture, a church service or an introduction, it can be tremendously embarrassing. Men can be tempted to do some discreet pinching, as a sore penis rarely remains erect for long, but getting harsh can mean doing long-term damage. Thankfully, there are penis care ideas that can lower the pressure without upping the pain.

Using the Mind

Erections may show up as a physical reality, but they begin in the mind. When the brain receives erotic stimulus, such as a touch, an intriguing image, or even a fascinating smell, it reacts by signaling that it’s time for an erection to occur. Convincing the mind that sex isn't on the menu may be as easy as coming up with a repelling image, such as:

- Rotting food

- Deadlines at work

- Traffic jams

- Angry spiders

That picture, flashing in the mind, will convince the brain to shut off the blood flow, allowing things to return to a less prominent position.

Utilizing Camouflage

Standing up can make an erection all the easier to spot, as a protruding appendage tends to ruin a guy's sleek profile. Sitting down can make the problem a little less noticeable, especially if the legs are crossed. A book, laptop or a coat tossed casually over the lap can complete the picture, allowing a guy to hide the evidence until the erection is gone.

Moving the Muscles

A flow of blood to the penis is the underlying physiological reason for the erection, so utilizing blood makes it a little less available for erectile purposes. Flexing the large muscles of the legs may help a bit, but taking a brisk walk utilizes even more blood, and walking sends a message to the brain that sex isn't about to take place in the near future. Walking briskly also allows a man to speed to the bathroom, where he can get a little privacy until the situation is a bit less acute.

Taking Advantage

The surest way to get rid of an erection is also the most obvious: Engage in a little private playtime. After ejaculation, the brain sends signals that return the equipment back to its standby position. There are a few words of warning worth mentioning, however, as fast and furtive masturbation sessions can lead to chapped and stinging skin. Lubricant, privacy and patience can ensure that a sore penis isn't part of the post-pleasure picture.

Dressing for Success

Men with frequent erection issues might be tempted to change up the contents of their underwear drawers. It's a reasonable approach, as tight clothing can keep an erection from protruding from the body at an alarming angle, but clothing like this can also chafe and abrade the skin of the penis. Looser underwear made of breathable, soft fabrics won't cause the same amount of stimulation, and they're less likely to lead to a sore penis down the line.

Maintaining Sensitivity

Unwanted erections can feel like a curse, but they do indicate that all of a man's machinery is working as it should. In time, with a little practice, men can use their minds to push unwanted responses away, and if they use proper penis care, they'll retain the capacity to become long and strong when the time is right. A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be vital in this effort, as the emollients in these products can keep skin soft and supple and the vitamins included in these products can keep skin smooth, responsive and soft to the touch.

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