With summer in its full glory here, it is time to reshape our decor to fit the season. With this article, we are going to go through some neat ideas that will inspire you to take action. With these changes you can extend your living quarters to the outside, becoming one with nature. You can work on updating and improving the interior (inside of your house) or the exterior (the outside). You will preferably work on both of these but one step at a time. That is why we will group up the projects into these two categories so that you can have a feeling of continuity.

The interior

• White palette

White stands out in summer. You can deviate with a bit greyish colours but invite as much sunlight as possible during the season.

• Gauzy Curtains

Adding gauzy curtains to a windy location create an almost picturesque environment as well as a beautiful evening decoration. They can be used inside and outside.

• Fill your fireplace

Since your fireplace isn’t going to be useful for some time, it has a better use as being part of the décor. Fill it with a couple of leftover wood or candles.

• A green centrepiece

Placing a herb or a flower at the centre of the room. Placing some mint, lavender, or rosemary just makes the entire room pop with elegance. If you want to do it in greater quantity, then place flowers in glass vessels on display on the tables.

• Experimenting with shells

If you live near the beach, you can collect some shells and use them as home decorations. The fun part is that you can be innovative with them. Whether it’s using them as candles, or decorations throughout the yard, you can get creative with this one.

The exterior

• Area of choice

The first thing you want to do when redecorating the outside is to decide what do you want to do with it? Make it an area for relaxation, sleeping, eating, or entertainment? Depending on the amount of space you have at your disposal, you can opt for multiple options. Prioritize what you will be using the most or what will bring you the largest amount of happiness. Having an eating space in your yard is always a pleasure and is flexible to your preferences. Bask in the sun while eating? Breakfast and lunch. Enjoy a nice evening with a meal? Settle for dinner. Here’s a life hack, you can use carports as porches or relaxation areas, it doesn’t need to be a place to store your car exclusively.

• Outdoor furniture

Bringing furniture outside effectively integrates the outdoors with your house and gives you so much more space. It’s best for those who just want to spend as much time outside as they can.

• Update the bar & make it outdoors

Time to learn how to make some summer beverages and be able to make them on the spot in the backyard. A little showing off never hurt anybody.

• Outdoor shower

Bathing under the open sky is a pleasant experience. Not to mention that while cleaning yourself you are getting quite the view of the sky.

• Picnic table

Not much philosophy here, it’s just a nice environmental addition.

• Outdoor living room

The perfect way to extend your living space is by making the yard part of your living room. This way you can enjoy the sunshine while having a nice meal with the family. After you have done this, you will be asking yourself why didn’t you think of it earlier!

• Origami lanterns

Feeling oriental? Get some origami lanterns to add that foreign spirit into your home. Lookup a guide on how to make origami and get to it (bonus points for picking up a new skill!)

• Tiki torches

Adding tiki torches to your yard is a cheap investment that pays off as soon as night falls. If you cannot put them into the ground then consider small buckets and such.

• Brighter colours

Brighten up your garden appeal for the summer! A simple mix of colourful birdhouses, garden ornaments, and flowers will give off a much friendlier aura. Choose flowers with colours that complement the pots (or get a spray and make the pots complement the flowers, wink)

• Birdfeeder

Unless you despise animals, this will put a smile on your face every time you enter the yard. Be wary, hummingbirds require a specific diet, so you can’t just put water in it and leave it be for a month. Get a cleaner that is easy to clean, because you will need to take it apart and clean it often to prevent bacteria from growing. You can easily make nectar at home . Fill up a quarter of a cup with plain white sugar, and one full cup of boiling water. Do not add red dye or honey as it can hurt the birds.

• Illuminate the backyard

Invite the mates over at dusk, light up the backyard and let them be amazed. You can use candles, lanterns, or tiki torches to create a serene and romantic ambience for low expenses. Be wary of insects, as they will be attracted to the lights.

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Leo King is a 29-year-old freelance English teacher and a passionate part-time writer. He is a novel aficionado and is interested in reading and writing articles about home improvement, business, fashion, health, marketing, web designing, technology, and related niches. He lives with his wife and family in Sydney.