Most of you are fence sitters. You are not sure that you really want to be here. How many times have we heard you say, “If things don’t get better, then I’m out of here!”? This is a catch 22, because things won’t get better unless you truly choose to be here now, no matter what. It is your resistance to committing to being here, to fully embody your biology and reality that is causing the pain and problems in the first place.

You have no idea what it really means.

With your logical mind you think it means that you will have more powers and a better life style. That sounds good, yet when the energy of full embodiment starts to come in, you panic and shut it off again.

It feels so big and scary. There are uncomfortable physical sensations. You can feel like there are ants crawling around under your skin or like there are jets of energy blasting through your body making you shake and thrash.

The fear is that you will lose control of your body. You will be so uncomfortable that you will never rest, much less sleep again. It’s already painful to have a body in the first place, especially with the changes that are happening now. Why would you want to embody it more? The only peace you get is when you are asleep and playing “outside” of your body.

Embrace the fear. It is after all only false evidence appearing real. The fear is implanted in you. It is designed to prevent you from completely embodying this reality.

Remember what Count Saint Germain said (referring to the excerpts of Sex and Relationships in the New Energy), “you cannot finish your cycle on Earth until you truly appreciate the value of and embody the physical”.

Take a moment now; close your eyes (you can read with your eyes closed, right?). OK don’t close your eyes yet. When you do close your eyes, take some deep, relaxed breaths. Make these conscious breaths, and become very aware of your body. Do that now and then read on.

Ask the question, “What would happen if I were to have full embodiment?”

Go with this a moment, imagine that you are 100 percent committed to being physical and loving it here. There are no hedged bets, no sudden escape routes and no excuses.

When Sarah did this exercise she saw a scene like in The Matrix where Neo stomps on the ground and huge, powerful waves explode out, changing reality. To Sarah it felt like her body exploded too and that “reality” was damaged, “Houses would be destroyed!” she said with horror.

You might feel something like that. Another popular implant is that if you fully embodied this reality you will be caught here forever. And another common implant or belief is that you will somehow become a rabid sex machine or constantly desperate for sex.

A note here, if what you get when you ask the question, “What would happen if I were to have full embodiment?” looks like all good stuff or perhaps just a better version of what is happening now, then you are avoiding the shadow beliefs. If there wasn’t some dire scenario in your unconscious, then you would be experiencing full embodiment now! There has to be something preventing you from having full embodiment now.

The unconscious beliefs prevent you from achieving embodiment (amongst other things). Becoming aware of the unconscious beliefs is the first step to getting free from their power. It’s the “worst-case scenario” that is stopping you. Go ahead and imagine and feel the worst-case scenario. Stay with the feelings, the senses and whatever pictures pop in. This is how the unconscious communicates. Breathe and go with it. If there is fear, allow yourself to shake, or cry with sadness. Move your body in whatever way it wants to release this old energy.

Once you have experienced the whole thing, take another breath and let it go, or un-create it. It wasn’t the truth anyway.

Now create a morphic field of what the next step in embodiment feels like and then step into that field. It’s quite simple, all you need to do is choose and to trust that you know what to do.

Stand up and create the field in front of you. Breathe and put your attention on your body and your senses. Notice how you feel here first. Imagine that the area in front of you contains the next possible level of embodiment for you. Step into it, breath and feel. Stay out of your conscious mind and in your senses. Notice if anything feels different.

You might notice a subtle desire to move some or all of your body. If this happens, go with the movement until you no longer feel the desire.

Notice your chest/lungs/heart area. Does it feel different? What about your hips, your head, your state of stress or relaxation? Notice if there is a change to any place in your body that has pain. (Remember the question “What would this be if it wasn’t pain?” One of The Seven Questions That Can Change Your Life.)

You might feel that “ants under your skin feeling” or other bigger energies. Stay with it, move if you want to and breathe. If you are uncomfortable it is your resistance to embodiment that causes it. Choose to surrender to the experience. Choose to be HERE NOW! Say it out loud and really feel it. Notice what happens next.

You can set up other fields for the next levels of embodiment and experience them. Go ahead and experiment. Have fun with it.

Now you get to choose to keep what state you would like to live in now. You can always change later.

This process can be repeated often and can be used for other situations or issues. You can set up fields for what your optimum work feels like, what your dream house feels like. Try creating a field for a great relationship with another, or what it feels like to have a great relationship with yourself. Once you know what it feels like then you can make choices in your life based on whether or not they match that feeling.

Using your conscious, logical minds to make choices and create your life is what has led you to the place you are in now. If you are not fully satisfied, I suggest that you start creating from this other place of feeling. This way you are using the expansive power of the unconscious and the language of your Being.

The fence sitting energy is painful and it is affecting mass consciousness. You chose to be here, in body, right now. Now choose to get off the fence and truly embody this reality right now. It can be so much fun once you do.

Remember that you are always loved,


Author's Bio: 

Sarah Biermann is an internationally renowned Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Channel, and is the founder of ImagiCreation. Clairvoyant and highly empathic, she works directly with the language of the unconscious mind to clear and transform limiting beliefs, implants, past life material and much more. Sarah can be reached at: