The first step I took to reprogram my conscious mind was I set myself a 30 Day Challenge.
You may ask, why 30 days? Because this is how the small steps you take gradually become your powerful habits. (In fact, the power of these little habits is beyond your imagination!
I wrote down 3 goals I wanted to achieve in 1 month, which would make my life better than it was now. The 3 goals were:
To lose 2 kg, to sign up and start training to run a marathon in 6 months’ time, and to spend one weekend by myself writing my Life Vision.
The first two goals were easy to achieve. However, the third one took me a lot longer to do but I did get there in the end.
This 30 day challenge gave me the momentum to begin my journey of finding out what I wanted to do with my life. Baby steps do matter.
Achieving these 3 goals gave me the confidence and self-belief to keep going. I knew that if I did nothing, then I would have to accept a life of disquiet, unhappiness, sadness and no hope. There was no way that was going to happen.

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