Yoga principles encourage relaxation in the muscles of your body, along with deep breathing that calms the mind for optimum concentration towards the task at hand when sitting.

Sitting on your pelvic bones in an ergonomic chair, with your stocking feet wrapped around the chair base, is like sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Your body weight will naturally relax onto your pelvic bones and runs up through the length of your spine to your head.

Close your eyes for a few moments and concentrate on slowing the breath down, while you observe the noises around. Hear them but do not absorb them, as they do not have to be part of your own experience.

This is your time and you do not want to share it with anything that can intrude on your inner space! Enjoy the moment, as you begin to feel a surge of energy developing inside of you.

Feel the tingling in your hands and feet and experience the other wonderful sensations inside of your body. It only takes a moment to feel, breathe slowly and hear.

This combination of stimuli creates an orchestra of feelings that no one need share. It is your time and your experience of the moment, for understanding how you can take control of your inner self.

It only takes a moment, but through this experience you can create a dynamic relationship with your inner self, for improving your self worth in daily living.

Now bring your hands into the prayer position, turn the fingertips towards you and stretch your arms up and out for the Sunrise Salutation that welcomes your physical body to wake up to the day ahead of productive activity.

This is my time before I begin my day of productive activity. It is my dose of motivation elixir, for developing the spark of creative energy I need, when I feel that I have none!

I am sure that many of you feel the same as I feel when starting a project or activity!

Author's Bio: 

The author Gail McGonigal is a qualified Occupational Therapist who now owns a company called Active Living Solutions Ltd. She has erased postural scoliosis from her back and has overcome the pain of osteoarthritis in both hands, by using the principles yoga along with her therapeutic knowledge in Ergonomics, Occupational Therapy and Water, to erase her own skeletal pains.
She now wants to show people who have little movement, because of immobility due to skeletal pains; how to overcome their discomforts, through correct movements in daily living.
Gail is also offering an e-book that will help people learn to buy the correct parts for back pain prior to buying an ergonomic chair.