How often do we find ourselves in situations where we really could do with a helping hand in some way, but feel uncomfortable about asking for, or accepting, help? We sometimes behave in a detached manner, projecting an attitude of seeming superiority that keeps us aloof from people, ensuring they don’t get too close to us.

Why is that?

I suspect it’s the sense of vulnerability that we feel in the knowledge that we cannot control what’s happening. Admitting that we are not in control of events may also make us feel inadequate that we can’t manage alone.

Acknowledging that we cannot do everything on our own and feeling that we are not in control of events can be a very unsettling realisation and learning to accept that fact is not always easy.

However, learning to surrender to what is and accepting that other people actually enjoy being able to offer help can be liberating. Offering people an opportunity to be of service is a gift and a blessing that you honour them with.

Accepting help is also an opportunity for you to express gratitude, knowing that you are also receiving a beautiful gift. The opportunity for a spiritual connection between people, where love is offered and received is thus created.

Showing our deeply vulnerable side also allows other people to feel comfortable revealing their own vulnerability, which is another gift you offer. It’s a tangible way of showing that it’s okay to ask for assistance on occasion.

Being able to offer loving assistance provides people with a sense of purpose that they are making a positive contribution and making a difference. I have found this to be especially true where critical illness is concerned. Few things make us feel more helpless than witnessing a loved one struggling with disease.

Acknowledging you are a perfectly imperfect being is liberating and opening the door to allow another to see that aspect of yourself creates a sacred space for trust, love and truth to blossom.

Stepping down from that ridiculous pedestal that we place ourselves on, in the misplaced assumption that the world expects perfection in all we do, releases us to reveal to ourselves and the outside world our amazing selves.

Only in nature will we find perfection! Excellence is the best we should expect from ourselves, or others.

It takes courage to admit you need help and it requires a certain amount of humility to accept help. Instead of viewing accepting help as a burden, rather accept it with deep gratitude for the beautiful blessing from the Universe that it is.

Admitting you are vulnerable and asking for help is a choice you make and another way of taking control! Go on, try it!

Affirmations for Embracing Your Vulnerability:

• I AM comfortable seeking support from others
• I AM always supported in my life
• I AM surrounded by loving people
• I accept myself exactly as I AM
• I lovingly accept help as a gift from the Universe
• I AM grateful for the loving support I receive
• I surrender to what is in this moment

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Linney Elder is the author of “Infinitely Possible – A Cancer Odyssey”, a freelance researcher and writer, Reiki Master Teacher, intuitive healer and perennial student of life. Join her on this magical journey of self-discovery - read more insights and related subjects on her website: This article was originally published on my website. © Copyright 2011 - Linney Elder. All Rights reserved.