Have you ever been involved in a strength training regimen? If you have, you'll know what I'm saying to be the truth. It's that they talk a lot about, and teach a lot about, and practice, repetitions. They practice stepping it up—so that the next time, you can do more.

They talk about adding weight gradually, so the next time you do more. They talk about keeping records, so that you can then see what kind of amazing progress you've made.

And even though we're talking about the financial realm, and not the realm of strength training or health and fitness, those things do, of course, fit in as part of your actualization component, right?

And I'm here to suggest to you that we consider those kinds of things to apply to what we're talking about here. They apply to decisiveness; they apply to taking the risks that your particular business requires.

Now, every business is going to have different "faces" for that risk. So let me talk about one that I'm most familiar with: direct response marketing. You do an ad, you count the money that comes in, and you know if you made a profit. Of course you send out your products, too, right? But the ad, and the number of conversions, is the killer deal. That determines the profit that you make.

Now, the first time out a budding entrepreneur might spend $1,000 or $2,000 sending out mailings. Later he'll do more. For example, today one of my buddies said he sent out 27,000 pieces to his best customers. It cost him approximately $27,000.

And he also said, "Look if you're selling a product that costs $2,000 and you have to spend $500 to get that customer, it doesn't matter."

Well, he's right. And so the important things to consider are the concepts of risk/reward and probability/results. When you get the first results in, you know how you can move forward from that point.

So never be afraid to move outside your comfort zone. Never be afraid to do a bigger deal, a better deal, or a different type of deal that you've never done before. Hopefully you’ll follow the MasterMind principle, and seek wise counsel. Then it’s time to fire up the courage and to act.
You do this consciously—you do it with consciousness.

In other words, when we talk about the evaluation of risk/reward and probability/results, we talk about you doing something to measure those risk/rewards and probabilities. That's all that's within your realm.

I can tell you as a marketer—and only a seasoned marker can tell you this—that not every deal or promotion makes it. I don't care how good a copywriter you are, or how much you know about adding the bonuses and irresistible offers—the promotion has to match with the market.

What we do know is that whenever you're moving forward into an arena that you've never been in before, you're going to have to get outside your comfort zone. So, let that be something that inspires you—not something that foils you, or keeps you bound in fear.

See, that's for the normal people, the sheeple. You know what you have to do, you get the best odds that you can, and you move forward. And you can actually begin to feel uncomfortable inside your comfort zone. To say that you might be uncomfortable when you're inside your comfort zone… that might be a motivating factor.

Nothing could be a bigger dream, if I were you. Go for it, my friend. Make big plans, evaluate your risks and potential rewards, make your plans taking them into consideration, and go into action. Embrace the uncomfort zone, and use it as a scourge, as a motivator, to take you to the next level—where the sheeple do not survive.

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