Stop and think about your life to this point; are you happy with the direction your life has taken? Have recent major changes in your life thrown you off? Many people dislike change, but change is essential to everyone's life and is the only constant. Yes, even if you don't like it, change is the only constant thing in your life! Even if right now you are struggling with a drug or alcohol problem it is important to realize you can change your behavior and life does not have to be so hard; you can live the way you want.

When adversity strikes you must be mentally prepared to deal with it. If you don't naturally adapt and mature with changes, this is when you may begin engaging in unproductive habits such as alcohol and drug use. We all know life happens, people lose jobs, a family member passes away or traumatic events occur. There are people that more easily adapt to this difficult adversity and then there are others that resist change, and thus choose to stay in a life of self-pity and fear. This life progression can seem overbearing and frightening for you. As a result you may not realize that you are still remaining at a particular level of comfort rather than naturally maturing into the next stage of life.

This can be the case for many people who choose to use drugs and alcohol; they have decided to resist change, and instead dwell on their former life. Substance users do not have a disease or addiction they simply choose not to move beyond substance use and a tendency toward drama and chaos.

Think about it, if life did not change we would never mature, grow or reach our fullest potential. Many people fear change but having a positive attitude can make change easier. This principle can be directly applied to substance use problems; you can always make changes to your life for improvement. The other great thing about change is you can control the outcome of change; sometimes we all need a reminder of this. If you don't like how you are adapting to a situation in your life, change your thinking, set goals and map out a plan for self improvement.

In the adult years of life it's important to keep an open mind to new opportunities. A situation that may seem terrifying at the time, could lead to a great opportunity down the road. Ample life experience and keeping an open mind will allow this natural maturing process to occur.

Someday you may just look back and be thankful for some experiences you endured, because it made you realize the person you wanted to be. Remember, hard times develop true character and makes life easier to deal with by increasing personal strength. Reaching your fullest potential is something everyone should aim for in life and to be able to move past unproductive behaviors, which for some is substance use. Realizing you can embrace change will help ensure that you are guided to a greater level of maturity to produce happiness and success.

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