Human life, like the life cycle of your planet, follows cycles. In order for there to be new growth in Spring, first there must be the death of the old growth in Fall and Winter. In order for there to be creation, there must be destruction. That is the nature of this reality.

The creation period is so exciting! You revel in it. “Finally, I am on my path!” you say. You love creating. It feels good and energizing. Humankind as a whole has experienced a grand explosion of creating, especially in recent centuries. Bigger, better, more of everything! You have tried to avoid the destruction part of the cycle, it doesn’t feel as yummy as creation. No, when you are experiencing the Winter times of your life, it feels quite threatening. “What happened to my path?” you ask. It is during these periods that you question the Angels and you Guides so continuously. We hear you whining and begging. “What have I done wrong? Why did you let this happen? How can I fix this?”

It was important, during this recent age, to focus on the creating energy. It is only when the basic needs are provided for that the person has the luxury to focus on such things as art and spiritual growth. If you were all out working 14 hour days on the farm and just barely making it, you would not have any time to explore the other realms and bring back the wisdom and energies from there. So all the fabulous technology you have created has freed up some time and energy for consciousness.

Also, there was a significant potential for you to destroy your planet at this point in evolution. It’s happened many times before! There are beings who have carried the destructive energies, held them at bay, if you will, so that you could get through this transition period without destroying your planet. This was not an easy task for those individuals. Not everyone has the strength to do what they have done. It is no longer appropriate or possible for this imbalance to continue.

But now you have moved far enough through the transition that it is time to reclaim your destructive energies. It is safe and necessary. This is why there are so many collisions of polarity happening now. The core of polarity (after masculine and feminine) is the energy of creation and destruction. As those come together all the other poles also come together.

The truth is that you have created so much that the astral realm is full! There isn’t much room left. Every mental conception that you have ever created is still floating around somewhere unless you have un-created or destroyed it. Not to mention the various belief systems, implants and overlays that have been created throughout history. Whew!

A tree cannot grow a new batch of fresh green leaves in Spring if the old leaves did not die and fall off. The tree does not cling to its old creations, but humans do. You have such a hard time letting go of a relationship or a plan or a dream. When they don’t work out for you as you imagined, you just try harder. There is a fine line between focused intention and limiting stubbornness.

Somebody has to start destroying. Do not be afraid of this energy. You have deemed it ‘bad’, you have judged it based on your visions of war, but this is not the true energy of destruction. War is not about destruction, it is about power, or more specifically, lack of power. The leaders who led you into war did it with the energy of creation. Does that surprise you? Even your arch-villain Hitler thought he was creating a new world. He was frustrated by his inability to create, his lack of power to create his dream, but he wouldn't let it go and his creation got twisted. If Hitler used the true power of destruction, he would have destroyed his creation, his original idea, and tried again to create something new that could come into form more easily.

How possible is it that when things don’t turn out exactly as you pictured them, it’s because there is an even grander possibility out there? When it seems your way is blocked, instead of trying harder, you can let go of your vision, un-create it and let a new vision come in. You are not a failure if you un-create a creation and it doesn't mean that you just give up. What happens instead is that you have a new blank page on which to create again. Doesn’t that sound fun?

So many of you have had dreams of having a Center or teaching classes. A lot of these ideas are based on how you have seen other people do it in the past. There are new, different ways of expressing your Being on the planet. Perhaps you will have a Virtual Center on the Internet? Let go of any old forms and allow the new forms to come in. There are an infinite variety of possibilities available, especially once you have allowance for both sides of polarity.

Spend some time cleaning up your backlog of creations. It’s like cleaning out an old closet to let new clothing come in. Do you have the courage to go into your “inner landscape” and start un-creating and destroying? You could use the “Un-create Wormhole”, like a wormhole in space, it un-structures the energy, returning it to neutral so it can be used again. Simply toss your old creations into the Wormhole and breathe. You may have some sadness or grief when you let go of your creations. Let it come out, breathe it through.

Once you have cleared the landscape, you can start creating again. Stay focused on the feeling. What does what you would like to create feel like. Does it have a smell, a taste, a texture, a temperature? Work with the feeling senses first (physical senses, emotions and subtle senses). Create with the feelings and watch what shows up in your landscape. Then take action that matches the feeling of your creation.

If you feel stuck, just start something, anything. Go for a walk, plant some flowers, clean up your office. Once you start moving the energy, it gets easier. Start with something that is easy and that you enjoy. Have you ever thought you would like to workout (exercise) and it just seemed like too much effort? If you choose to “just stretch” or “just walk” then afterward you will likely feel like doing more. Next thing you know, you’ve done your whole workout!

You can destroy your old limiting beliefs, your agreements and missions, and your unfulfilled plans. You can create new beliefs, new plans and live for the joy of it. If you are not pleased with how your previous choices have turned out, have the courage to toss them down the Uncreate Wormhole and choose again!

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Biermann is an internationally renowned Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Channel, and is the founder of ImagiCreation. Clairvoyant and highly empathic, she works directly with the language of the unconscious mind to clear and transform limiting beliefs, implants, past life material and much more.