EMG is one of the most basic and useful modalities available. Why then aren’t more practitioners using it more often? EMG is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate the concept of biofeedback to clients. It responds very quickly and people can immediately see that they have at least some control over their muscle activity.

Objectives :

Participants will learn:
What is EMG Biofeedback?
What are common applications for EMG Biofeedback?
Common protocols overview

EMG Protocols to be covered are:

Neck Pain
Upper Back Pain
Low Back Pain

Common sensor placements

Screen selection and setup, instructions to clients and interpretation of data to indicate progress


Harry L. Campbell, BPS, BCB, BCN
Date and time
May 26, 2020
3:00pm–4:30pm EST
Fee: $35

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Format: Gotomeeting

Session Length: 90 minutes

For more information or to register call 877-669-6463 or 914-762-4646 or visit biofeedbackinternational.com

Note all sessions will be recorded and a link will be sent so that you can download the session in case you are not able to attend live or if you want it for review later.

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