Although someone’s emotional self should support them, giving them the strength that they need to handle life, this might not take place. Instead, this part of them could do the complete opposite.

Therefore, if they were able to take a step back and to reflect, they may find that, in general, this part of them doesn’t provide them with the support that they need. In fact, their emotional self could typically be like a heavyweight that just makes their life far harder than it needs to be.

A Helpful Ability

Through having the ability to step back and to reflect, they will have a certain amount of insight into what is going on. This alone won’t change their life, then, but it will do is stop them from being completely in the dark about why their life is the way that it is.

What this may also mean is that they are able to disconnect from this part of them. Doing this won’t allow them to feel supported but it will give them a break from feeling weighed down by their emotional self and being consumed by the pain.

Another Experience

However, there is also the chance that one won’t be able to do this, and, even if they can, it is not going to change how they truly feel. Consequently, they are going to spend a fair time consumed by what is going on.

When they are in touch with their emotional self, they could feel very low, weak and as though they have no control. They are then going to be above ground but it could be as if they are deep in the earth; this is how low they will feel.

An Endless Struggle

Due to how low and weak they feel, they won’t need to face any challenges in order to experience a sense of struggle. Simply getting out of bed each day could be very similar to what it is like for a relatively fit person to climb out of a very deep hole.

As a result of this, they might not do very much each day. Assuming that they have a job, they could go to work, do just enough to keep their job, and then come home and do very little.

Force over Flow

If they don't live in this way and are often able to do things, it could be because they have a very strong will. The fuel that their mind provides is then going to compensate for the fuel that is not being provided by their emotional self.

This fuel is going to be a massive help, the downside to this is that their life is going to be one big battle. There can be moments when this fuel is not available and, when this is the case, they can end up falling right down into themselves.

One Outcome

If they were to reach out for support, they could end up being diagnosed as suffering from “depression”. They will seldom feel good and neither will they have access to a lot of energy, so this could be seen as an accurate assessment.

The next step might be for them to have Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and to be put on medication. If they were to go down this route, it is unlikely that this would allow them to resolve what is actually going on.

One Level

Now, if they only have CBT but don't end up being put on medication, they are likely to be told that the reason that they are experiencing life in this way is due to what is going on in their mind and how they behave. So, by changing their thoughts and behaviour, they will be able to be supported by their emotional self and to feel better.

This whole approach will be based on the view that it is ‘all about the mind’ and that their thoughts define how they feel. Nonetheless, as this is nothing more than a half-truth, this approach probably won’t work, and, even if it does, it might only lead to short-term change.

Going Deeper

The other part of this is that their thoughts can also trigger feelings that are held in their body. What this comes down to is that one has a mental and an emotional body, with the latter being far stronger than the former.

With this in mind, the reason why one finds it hard to feel supported and often feels very low and weak is likely to be because their emotional body is not in a good way. This part of them is likely to be loaded up with pain.

Going Back In Time

At this point, one could find it hard to understand why they would be carrying so much pain. If this is so, it could just show that their mind has blocked out what took place during their early years to protect them.

This may have been a stage of their life that was extremely traumatic, with them being abused and/or neglected on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Their developmental needs would have rarely been met, which would have both caused them to experience immense pain and prevented them from being able to grow and develop.


For their emotional self to support them and to be on their side, they will need to process the emotional pain that is held in their emotional body. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

Purely focusing on their mind won’t allow them to embrace their inherent power; it will just prolong their suffering. Most likely, they will have suffered for long enough and will be desperate for their life to change.

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