Racing to the pantry if you are feeling down or otherwise upset, and finding comfort in food is common. This practice is called emotional eating. Emotional eating is when one responds to their feelings of stress by eating high-carbohydrate, high-calorie foods with low nutritional value. The quantity of food that is consumed is the main difference between emotional eating and binge-eating. please visit our website :

Like most emotional symptoms, emotional eating is thought to result from several reasons rather than a single issue. There are several warning signs for emotional eating or stress-eating. Negative emotions can lead to a feeling of emptiness or an emotional void. Food is believed to be a way to fill that emptiness and create a false feeling of fullness or temporary wholeness.

Overcoming emotional eating may require teaching the affected person healthier ways to view food and develop mindful eating habits, recognizing food type that triggers for engaging in this behavior, and develop other more effective ways to prevent and alleviate stress.

Discovering other ways to deal with negative emotions is usually the first step toward overcoming emotional eating. This could involve writing in a journal, finding a few minutes to otherwise relax, or reading a book and decompress from the day. Some people find relief in getting everyday exercise and a walk or jog around the block. A yoga routine may help in particularly emotional moments.

To stop emotional eating, one has to find other ways to fulfill their-self emotionally. It is not easy and enough to understand the vivid cycle of emotional eating or even to understand your triggers. One needs alternatives to food that they can turn to for emotional fulfillment.

Stress counseling and group therapy have also proven to reduce and improve overall health. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is also been found to be effective as part of treatment for fighting emotional eating. This approach helps to relieve stress by helping the individual change their way of thinking about certain issues.

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