When you look at your emotions, you may notice that your feelings are most often created by your thoughts. You might notice that your emotions are often habit patterns – especially old, old patterns that have, in a way, been ruling you.

Notice this also: that the feelings that are obstacles are most often victim feelings - fears, worries, self-doubts, - feelings that something will overpower you in some way. These feelings, quite the opposite of courage and strength, are ones that attract what you don't want into your life and not what you'd like.

Feelings Have Vibrations

It's great to be able to determine what emotions are going to be uppermost in your life. Not only do your thoughts send out vibrations, but so do your emotions. And the higher the quality of your feelings, the more you're able to send out clear emotions. Feelings of love, appreciation, joy, peace – all of these reflect the universal self more than anger, fear, or gloom. And this higher vibration becomes a better vehicle or highway for transmissions of positive energy to take place.

What if You Don't Feel Good

But what if you don't feel good? What if you feel anger or fear or grief? Do your feelings go up and down all day long? If so, you might be an emotionally-centered person, and you might register in your emotions every up and down in your circumstances. Maybe you imagine that you're less than, victimized and downtrodden.. It's an old habit of mind. Do you know that you're making it all up? Those are old stories of your old familiar feelings, stories that you learned to tell yourself when you were very young. They're not the truth about who you are as a powerful person.

Paying Attention to Your Feelings

When you're transforming your feelings, it's good to first pay attention to what they are, as they are often giving you messages. Often they're showing you what you don't want in your life, and they give you the opportunity to see more clearly what you DO want. Then you find ways to release your feelings. There are many ways to do this when you're ready. The last step is about transforming your feelings.

No need to ignore your feelings. Pay attention to them. Describe them. But don't wallow in them. Feel them and watch them at the same time. Envision the best for yourself and wish well for others. Feel and think about what you want and not about what you don't want. It's always within your power to feel better.

Transforming Your Feelings

One of the best ways to transform your feelings is to tap into the wise part of yourself. It will give you a different perspective, and it will uplift you. You can transform the old stories you've been telling yourself as if you had a magic wand. In fact, you do have a magic wand - your wisdom - that is showing you the truth. Let the old stories disappear as you realize that you're a talented, worthy person, that you have everything you need to bring your dreams into fruition, that you have awareness and higher consciousness at the core of yourself. All you need to do is remember.

Remember that fear is about projecting negative thoughts and feelings onto the future. So is worry, a cousin of fear. Envy is a way of devaluing yourself. Though anger sometimes feels like power, it often comes from feeling diminished. Remember that when you feel the feelings, you're not seeing everything there is to see. You could have faith and trust. You could have patience and courage. You get to choose.

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