Have you ever caught yourself being propelled back to a specific time in your past and suddenly a mental snapshot brings back forgotten feelings or emotions… as real as if you were still there?

It is as if although much time may have passed between that past event and today, between the person you were then and the person you have become now, that memory still has a strong hold on you.

If the memory is good, then the feelings being brought up by it may give you a sense of wellbeing, happiness, peace, comfort or even fondness; but if the memory is not such a positive one, then you feel those butterflies in your stomach, your heart may start pounding, mixed feelings may start bubbling up… and suddenly you feel heavy, down, uncomfortable...

Do you ever wonder why this happens and how does it work?

Well; I am here to give you my little pennyworth. The other day I caught myself reliving one of these very clear images and suddenly, I was 14 again. It is as if no time had passed: I was transported to the time and place of the memory. Luckily, it was a good one and I have done a great amount of self-healing so the emotions and feelings attached were pleasant and neutral (that’s to say, not charged); I was able to look at the past and none of the unresolved baggage or the peripheral issues within that age popped up, as it happens whenever I am ready for more healing. But because I caught myself seeing it, feeling it and thinking it, I purposely held on to it while I waited for answers or inspiration on the matter. I, once again, was like a dog with a bone, determined to clear yet another metaphysical or energetic mystery.

We all know about chakras, or at least, have heard what they are: energy spinning wheels that link the physical body to the lighter energy bodies that our aura is made up of. One of these chakras is called the Solar Plexus and it is placed at the mouth of the stomach, just at the bottom of the sternum or chest flat bone.

Each chakra also has a colour and, therefore, resonates with anything of the same hue or vibration: food, clothes, environment … so we can alter the workings, speed and spin of our chakras by altering the colours that surround us. We can then change the related emotions and the way we feel at the present time about a past experience, which, for all facts, changes our present reality when we shift an old behavioural pattern. The Solar Plexus colour, in particular, is yellow.

So let’s dive into this yellow whirl-pool and go for a trip to the past.

We mostly think that our memories are stored in our brain, so when there are unpleasant parts of our life that we want to block, we store them in a portion of our brain, lock the door and throw the key away hoping we never have to face them or deal with them again. But because we are psychosomatic units (the mind affects the body and the body affects the mind) unfortunately we are not able to do this for ever, even if we manage to do so for a while. In any case, while we are doing this, we are creating a block of energy that affects our body in proportion with the amount of time we hold on to it or refuse to integrate it into our mind/body/spirit structure.

However, not all the memories are stored in our minds: our whole body, every single cell in it, is alive and has intelligence… and each one of them also holds memories. So when we are refusing or unable to deal with a certain memory, the energy gets blocked and a shadow (a hidden part of us we are not recognizing) is created, not just in the part of our mind where it is locked but also in the corresponding organs and other bodily functions (blood circulation, nervous or lymphatic systems, etc).

Since the body functions as a unit, we cannot cut off a part of it without the rest feeling it, reacting to it. Firstly, one can’t heal the Solar Plexus area if a certain amount of healing hasn’t taken place in the Heart chakra.

The Heart chakra is the centre of compassion and unconditional love. The first rule for healing oneself is compassion towards the self: to look back at the past and realise that we did the best we could with the tools we had at the time. In hindsight, everyone could have done better or would/not have said/done that, I would have done it in a different way… When we feel compassion for ourselves, forgiveness starts and the Heart chakra expands. Every time this happens, the Ego loses some grip in our psyche and the healthier Higher Self merges further within our physical being. As this takes place, like in a waterfall, love starts pouring out and affects the rest of our chakra system

Heart Chakra

The Solar Plexus is the chakra immediately below the Heart chakra. It is the centre of personal power, self-esteem and self-worth. When love pours from the chakra above, it starts releasing crystallized memories and we find ourselves going back into a frozen past stored there and relive whatever layer of reality is next due to be healed, assimilated or reintegrated.

We work on our chakras in layers and cycles. We don’t clear one chakra completely and others stay totally blocked, for instance. We release some fear of survival from our Root chakra and this leads us to enjoy life more, therefore raising the vibration of our Second chakra, which makes us feel better about ourselves and about life (raises our self-esteem) so it heals some of our Solar Plexus, which makes us feel less threatened by life and our fellow humans raising the level of love in our relationships, shifting our Heart chakra, which helps us to communicate our truth better, therefore opening up the Throat chakra… you see the picture.

So going back to the original question, what is Emotional Intelligence? A term widely used nowadays but not something that gets taught at school or university, nor something that one can learn or apply a formula in order to be able to use it successfully or efficiently.

In general, we refer to Emotional Intelligence as EQ, or an awareness or ability to manage our emotions.

Although I sometimes don't know whether we can actually manage our emotions or simply keep them balanced. That in itself is a challenge and in my opinion, at the core of EQ development.

As I have just said, since emotions live in the Solar Plexus exactly as they were recorded at the moment of the related event, we are, in an Emotional Intelligence sense, children. Or, put in another way, we are not emotionally mature. That is, until we release the stored layers of memories and are able to neutralize, assimilate or integrate the associated energies.
And, like children, we tend to re-act (act-again or repeat an old pattern of behaviour) instead of creating (act in a new manner) to current events through the filters of the old emotions stored in the Solar Plexus.

Emotions stored in the Solar Plexus are either love-based or fear-based. Fear-based emotions depress this centre and love-based ones expand, increase its speed and make this centre more vibrant and colourful, healthier… which we experience as healthy self-esteem and, therefore, emotional maturity.

In Letter to Earth, Elia Wise tells us: “When you recreate the variables of a past moment of experience your current subjectivity costumes them in such a way that the historic incident need not be apparent. The synthesis of frequencies from the historic moment realigns you with the energy of that moment, providing an opportunity for healing and regeneration of the values that were originally impacted. The process is entirely subjective. Whether you are conscious or unconscious of having invoked the old, you are enabled by subjectivity to imbue its variables with new meanings. The way you internalize the stimuli of the new moment can transform the pain and significance of the old, creating a moment of spontaneous healing. This is the alchemy of spontaneous self-healing. It happens frequently throughout your life, although usually without your awareness”.

I have lately been through a rather big shift in consciousness (You can read about it in my article The Shift: A Breakthrough with my 9-month-old Baby) which started as a burst-open Heart chakra. At the time I didn’t think anything of it because it takes me a while to integrate new feelings and emotions created by shifts in my mindset or as a result of seemingly spontaneous moments of enhanced awareness.

But after just a short while, memories of my childhood started to come up: I started to remember melodies and words, complete nursery songs I hadn’t heard or sung for 2 or 3 decades (I have been living abroad for 20 years!); school names, surnames and nicknames of the girls there; events taken place in the past that I had forgotten; names and characters from cartoons and children television programs I used to watch… I even remembered Mary Poppins Supercalifragilisticespialidocious song in Spanish! (How can this be, I wondered, when all the Disney videos I possess are in English!?). Just another mystery!

Apart from the sheer shock of how much we hold in our memory banks of the Solar Plexus, one thing stood out: none of my memories was charged. They were all pleasant, or amusing, or comical, or nice… but none of them made me long to be back there and live through those times again, neither made me hate something or someone from those times. There were no negative emotions linked to them. They were just memories, and some of them I have reintegrated in my present life because I think they are wonderful stories and songs to tell my daughter during her childhood!

The Solar Plexus is the home of our emotions, and emotions are energy-in-motion. It is our power centre and the universal receiver. We get lots of gut feelings and intuitions through this chakra. This is the place where we store our fears and the place where we link with others at an intuitive level. When someone upsets us, when we are worried when we receive a shock… this is the centre where all gets stored. Layers and layers of memories and issues that, if they are not resolved, cleared, released and/or re-membered, block our energy on the way up towards our Heart chakra and the other upper chakras, those which are spiritually more evolved and energetically lighter, therefore preventing us from hearing our intuition or inner guidance.

Because the emotional memories stored in the Solar Plexus don’t move on in time, they crystallize as a mental snapshot taken by our mind and relate to certain emotions, feelings, colours, flavours, smells… or all of the above! Years may pass by and we think we have grown up… just to find, when the next learning cycle comes along and with it, unresolved lessons from the past, that we are back exactly where we started. The good thing is that when the memories come up again, it is because we may have gathered enough tools that will allow us to release them, heal them, integrate them… in general, deal with them somehow... that is, unless we continuously avoid facing them and repeatedly suppress them.

These memories want our attention, they want to be recognised, and when we don’t do this, they grow in power by stealing energy from our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual system. This makes us weaker and, sometimes, even pushes us to implode (as opposite to expand and grow). And as we get more and more drained, wondering where we are going wrong, sometimes we have to create a big breakdown if this whole scenario is happening at an unconscious level, forcing us to deal with them, to face them head-on.

So there we are, suddenly caught in time because something in our present life has pulled us back into one of these memories. They feel so alive; they don’t want to lose their grip on us. We want to release them but the feelings come up in full force and we can’t face going through the same pain again (or the same unpleasant emotion that is crystallized within the memory). Most people, at this time, turn their backs on this healing process because it is unpleasant or plainly painful, but the energy of the anger, fear, guilt or any other disempowering emotion attached to it is vibrant and powerful. At this stage, if we cannot do it by ourselves, we need some external help (a counsellor or healer of some sort, including those of the alternative and the mainstream ways of thinking – each person will be drawn to those who can help him or her at that given moment – trust your intuition).

It is at this time when we need to stay with it: feel the feelings, allow the energy of the stored emotions to circulate throughout our body. Help yourself with meditation, visualisation, breathing techniques or any other self-healing modality you are familiar with. Staying with the feelings allow the negative patterns to lose their grip on us so we can transform them into healthier energy. It is only this way that we can increase our personal power.

Suddenly, you can see the past in another colour: the colour of the truth. It is like cleaning the windows of your energy field. By seeing the past in a different way, it also changes the way we see our present and it offers us more options as to how to look at the future.

In my case, I suddenly have become that child again and have this uncontrollable need to knit, play, dance, travel, do fun things, expand, paint. I can truly say that I feel 10 years younger! (maybe I have become 10 years younger?)… basically, the things I used to do adapted to my now.

Yes, it can be hard work… but I really think that it is worth it. Not only it buys you more energy but it also allows you to enjoy your life in a free and naïve manner, just like it was when you were a child!



Thank you for listening.

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Dr Ana has a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Sciences (PhD). She is a Reiki Master, a Coach-U CTP Life and Business Coach and author of several books in the field of spirituality, self-help and personal development. A polyglot with qualifications in 4 languages (Spanish, English, Basque and French), and the highest Diploma in Communication and Leadership from Toastmasters International DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), Dr Ana was an external examiner assessor for quality assurance with the School of Languages and Literature at UCT (University of Cape Town) and she is today the Director of Teaching and Learning for The Academy Hout Bay as well as the architect and Head Tutor for Modern Foreign Languages for the French and Spanish On-Line Cambridge IGCSE and AS curriculums.