Emotional intelligence is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as, “the ability to understand the way people feel and react and to use this skill to make good judgments and to avoid or solve problems.” The importance of emotional intelligence in marketing is just as important if not more important in marketing than it is in terms of an organization connecting with its customers, both potential and present. Especially when you’re working in a Call Center as a part of a sales team or as a customer service representative, employing emotional intelligence in order to understand their needs and addressing them in a favorable fashion can take the company as well as you as a team-mate a long way. With that said, here’s five practices of emotional intelligence that can be a recipe for guaranteed success:

Being Empathetic


As a telemarketer, it is important to have the ability to walk a mile in a customer’s shoes in order to understand and address the customer’s need. Empathy is perhaps one of the tools that aids in communicating with the customers on the level whereby they can appreciate the conversation. Empathy can allow the telemarketers to listen intently to the customer’s needs such that resolving of the issue can become convenient and the customer is also convinced regarding the service provider’s sincerity.

Being the Authority


Amidst being empathetic, it is also important to be the authority as the conversation goes. Since this tactic falls under the umbrella of emotional intelligence, being the authority is not to be confused with being rude. Authority can be asserted in a professional tone through having complete knowledge of the product and being honest and truthful about the information that you provide. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Therefore, your confidence shall help assert your authority.

Practicing Patience


As a telemarketer, you are likely to come across a variety of customers. Amongst that variety, a customer can sometimes have an uncouth behavior or be non-compliant on the telephone, in which case, it is paramount for a telemarketer to maintain his/her composure and maintain a positive tone in order to take the conversation to a favorable conclusion.

Being Meticulous


Having keen observation skills as well as delivery skills also classify as an important trait of emotional intelligence. Meticulousness can allow you to always account for what you tell the customers as well as what the customer is trying to tell you, so as for you to address the needs of a customer in the appropriate and desirable fashion.

Being Driven


Motivation to see a successful deal or an accomplishment of a goal through is perhaps one of the key components of emotional intelligence that are to be incorporated in a telemarketer’s repertoire. This trait enables you as a telemarketer bear with the challenges and eventually overcome them in order to assure success, not only for yourself, but to the benefit of the customer as well as the organization that you’re affiliated with.

Some of the best call centers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi such as J Telemarketing instill the emotional intelligence amongst their employees because of a belief that it is among their responsibilities to equip the young generation to flourish not only in their professional pursuits, but also in their daily lives.

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J Telemarketing instills the emotional intelligence amongst their employees to equip them to flourish not only in their professional pursuits, but also in their daily lives.