As human beings we all need to let go sometimes in order to experience a happy life. Keeping emotions locked up within ourselves is not healthy for us or for those close to us. This is why emotional release is a necessary thing. The problem is that many people have no idea how to perform this “emotional dump” and therefore keep it locked inside them until they simply explode. (Figuratively of course.)

If you will take notice of children and their behavior, they rarely have this problem. Children find it easier to release their emotions than adults do. This is likely due to the conditioning we receive as we grow up; the stigma that showing our emotions is not an acceptable form of expression. This causes all sorts of problems, the main one being how we feel about ourselves. If you cannot experience emotional releases, it is impossible to live with ourselves happily. This also leads to the inability to love ourselves properly.

A key ingredient to a happy life is to own all of our emotions. Many times we are not able to reach the light without first passing through the dark, just as we cannot recognize joy if you know nothing of pain. Keep all of this in mind as you read the next section which will give you some valuable information on emotional release techniques.

Techniques for Emotional Release

Emotional release techniques are also known as ERT’s. The aim of these techniques is to provide those with stress, that is most often caused by automatic emotional responses, to find relief. These are behaviors that are learned from some point during our lives. Since they are automatic they tend to operate outside your conscious mind.

For instance, you may know that you are feeling depressed but you cannot put your finger on exactly why you are feeling that way. The issue at hand here is that if you do not know what is causing your specific feelings, you cannot stop them from bombarding you. You have to be able to take back control of your own emotions so you can finally unlearn these behaviors. Once you are free from them you can learn new and healthier behaviors and ways to express your emotions; thus, you will be able to enjoy a happy life. There are several techniques and not every one will work for each person.

ERT Happy Life Technique 1:

One of the main reasons that we feel emotionally stressed is grief. There are all types and reasons for grief. One very successful technique is addressing your childhood. Many times you inner child has all the answers you need. Once you can overcome the feelings you find deep inside, you can begin the healing process and be on your way to a happy life. All that you have to do is be willing to tackle the work it takes to get to that better place.

ERT Happy Life Technique 2:

Self-talk is an excellent way of releasing emotions. This will only help though if you are willing to address your issues. Many people with problems releasing their emotions find themselves asking questions instead of making statements. Think of this as positive affirmations. Try telling yourself the following:

• I can make the space for these emotions
• I can allow these emotions to release me
• I can let these emotions go right NOW

Just like with daily affirmations, do this each day until you reach a place where the statements are a reality and not just a hope. Your goal is to experience a happy life. Many people think that this cannot work because if it were this easy then they would have already fixed themselves. The only thing that I can say to that is to try it for a while with an open mind. If you already have yourself convinced that this method cannot work, it won’t work. Do not add self-defeat to your issues.

ERT Happy Life Technique 3:

The act of physically releasing your emotions may be of great help, so try going about this in a physical way. For example, make your hands into a fist and squeeze as hard as you can squeeze. Make it feel as if you are actually holding onto something, while all the time you keep squeezing. This may feel unsecure and uncomfortable, but your emotions make you feel this way as well, do they not? When you release the fake ball (or whatever you are picturing in your hands) you can release some of your emotions as well. Think of how wonderful that would be-releasing your gripped fist may be all that you need to do in order to let go of negative emotions.

These are just a few ERT’s. You can do some more research for yourself or speak with a therapist about more techniques. Here’s to all of us living a happy life!

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Dominica Applegate, M.A., is an Author, Speaker and Coach specializing in codependency and personal development. She offers an eCourse entitled “Overcoming Codependency” and holds workshops regularly. She has a deep passion for discovering and sharing authentic spiritual truth that transforms people from the inside out. She is dedicated to the sacred art of self-discovery, creative expression, and adding value to humanity. Feel free to connect with her at and receive her free eBook, Recycle Pain: It Has a Purpose.