New studies show that anytime we have some huge emotional trauma, that trauma changes our DNA. And that cellular trauma code is embedded in our genetic makeup and past to our offspring. - That is Pretty Amazing!

Through 18 Generations or More

New studies show that what we have going on emotionally does make a difference when it comes to our children. Not only our kids, but our grandkids, and their grandkids. And so far they have taken this out to 18 generations and it’s still going strong.

This means that those who have emotional traumas and have anxiety all the time, and have fear, and have tension, stress, and other challenges… all of this is past down through our lineage of offspring… perhaps forever.

This Means Our Offspring Have the Same Emotional Responses

What’s talked about in spiritual texts is true, “The Challenges (sins) of the Father are Revisited Upon the Son”.

And This Opens Our Bodies to Disease

Studies also found that those who had lots of emotional challenges in their life or their parent’s lives or grandparents lives… would more easily end up with a disease of some sort. I find that very interesting.

But There is Hope

They also found that those who worked through their own emotional baggage changed their DNA in a positive way. Even meditation changes our genetic makeup.

So it All Goes Back to Forgiveness

This means that working through our emotional baggage does pay off. That we can overrule our DNA, and change our DNA, and thus stop the passing of the DNA buck so to speak.

So meditate, forgive, forget, move on, and allow the past to be healed inside and out.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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