If you know of Joan Rivers the comedian you probably are aware her catch phrase is, can we talk? So, emotional upset: can we talk?, borrowing from her.

Being upset is a part of life and for some folks emotional upset is a larger part of their life than is necessary.

Are you one of those people?

Emotional Upset: Can We Talk?

One of the ways to begin to observe your emotional patterns is to ask yourself a few questions like…

Are you emotionally upset more than you want to be?
How often are you in a bad mood?
How often are you in a good mood?
Do you find yourself getting upset everyday?
How many times a week or day are you upset?
Do you find yourself being upset for longer and longer periods of time?
Would you enjoy being happier more of the time?
If you are there are some things you can do about being upset that are very easy and don’t take much time.

These don’t require anyone else to change so you feel better and they don’t require you to agree that things aren’t the way you perceive them to be. They only open you up to more of yourself and your resources.

First notice how you feel and take note of it.

Then… A very simple thing you can do with your physiology is to stand or sit up straight, relax, lift your chest and move your shoulders back. Holding your head straight turn your eyes up to 90% or higher and hold them there for a minimum of 45 seconds.

What you are doing is accessing your visual database and your pictures are moving by at the speed of light and normally when you are in a mood or emotionally upset you limit the resources you have access to which doesn’t do you any good in getting to a better feeling place. Notice how you feel different…

Notice how you feel and take note of it…

And Another simple thing you can play with that will lighten and brighten your day is to hold your mouth in a smile for 60 seconds. Whether you feel like smiling or not just holding the corner of your mouth turned upwards for 60 seconds will have a physiological effect and by the end of 60 seconds you’ll be smiling without faking it and you will feel better.

Notice how you feel different…

You can play both games at the same time and feel even better.

The more you play these little fun games with yourself the more emotional control you will have and the better you will feel. And depending on how your patterns run, you may find yourself having to return to these tools over and over and over and sometimes multiple times a day.

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