Taking care of the health of our emotional body is the intent of this article. We in our human form experience life on earth with four bodies which are the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. There are the energy centers that correspond to the four bodies. They are called the chakras in eastern systems. For the purpose of focusing on the emotional body, we will refer to the solar plexus area as the seat of the emotional body which is located right under the breast bone and towards the stomach area. When we are out of whack in this center it tends to feel tight or a feeling of drainage can be sensed. This exercise is to help you the reader to be able to send energy to this center plus to develop a link with this center for it is the center most apt to attune you to your inner guidance via the feeling/emotional body.

Emotional clearing allows us to establish a balance and this clearing is that which allows us to fine tune the messages coming from our own inner guidance. The feeling center is where our intuition can be accessed. Our intuition is the guidance center of our being soul that allows us to be in touch with our true path. This center is where we can attune to when we are following our path in a way that is right for us or when we are diverting in the wrong way. How we feel really does matter and the more we can converse with the energy at this center the more we can feel confident in how we are leading our life.

The following exercise is to help you develop your sensitivity to this center by combining meditation technique, visualization, breath work and Reiki.

Begin your session by sitting in a comfortable chair in a room where you will not be disturbed. Sitting comfortably start to focus on your breath, breathing in through the nose and out from your mouth. I like to chant the OM the universal sound of God or Creator, as a way of clearing all my energy centers and this can also be done inwardly. The OM is pronounced as A-U-M. The ah sound registers at the lower chakras at the base of spine and sacral center, the OO sound registers at the solar plexus and heart centers, and the MM sound registers at throat third eye and head centers. The OM will clear the energetic pathways of any tensions and will energize you. As you become quiet and focused on your breath at this point you can follow your instructions to turn on your Reiki and place your right hand over the solar plexus the seat of the emotions. As you channel your energy into this center, start to ask you’re self for an image or a feeling to speak to you regarding what it is you are feeling. Usually when our solar plexus is leaking energy we can feel our stomach pushing outward away from our body this is a definite clue that you are in need of balancing.

As you continue breathing comfortably and rhythmically the very focus on this center will begin to stir the energies at this time ask your guidance to give you a message by asking what is it that is causing your emotional body to be out of proper alignment? This is when you allow your self to receive impressions about your feelings and begin to tap into your guidance which will offer either impressions or feelings that your subconscious will sort of upload to your awareness and then you can name what they are and ask for a solution to be given to you by your guidance.
For instance, lately my emotional body has been out of whack and I know this because I have a feeling of weightiness or fullness at this center. I place my right hand over it whenever I am sitting quietly and comfortably and I turn on my Reiki and allow the energy to circulate as I do this I feel a clearing of the energy and I ask what can I do to aid me through this clearing process and one of the impressions by guidance gave me was to eat more green food particularly salads in order to aid my digestion which has been impacted by the stress that I am currently undergoing. The other form of guidance that I received was for me to have patience and compassion with loved ones whom I am experiencing as stressful energy by being around them when they are going through their difficult life challenges. And the guidance was instructing me not to get all emotionally attached to their problems but to maintain a compassionate detachment and to allow and accept their life process. In this short attunement I recognized that I had been worrying too much and I needed to re-establish my own boundaries and I felt supported by my guidance. Also I was impressed with the message that I needed to practice this clearing process. I realized that more could come from this exercise. In the mornings I like to sit outside in nature and practice this technique of clearing and attuning to my guidance for daily inspiration and toning and aligning my chakras. I find I can achieve it in a few minutes and extend it out to 20 minutes if I have the time.

By fine tuning this process we can get to be easily in contact with our guidance system. So that instead of reaching into our mind body for guidance we rather look down to our solar plexus area to remind us that the feelings are right behind the emotions and that this center is much more connected to the intuitional self. The subconscious is full of programs some intentionally put there by our conscious mind and others assimilated almost automatically through out our experience.

In practicing this exercise you can start to ask your inner self which houses the subconscious to allow you to view a program that is currently operating that is not in harmony with your conscious intentions these we refer to as false beliefs or rather beliefs that have not been looked at and cleared away like when we clean the files in our computer programs. This is another way of asking to clarify your programming for example regarding self esteem experienced via relationships. Ask if the current belief of being in harmony with others is being opposed by a pre-established program that needs to be reviewed. The likely scenario is for the subconscious to open up a feeling of tension or a feeling of out of control or fear at the solar plexus center. Use your Reiki to help move the energy ask that it be circulated properly. And allow yourself to receive impressions or sense impressions as to what the contrary feeling is. For instance it may be that you feel tension with others but then ask why, it could be that the opportunity to engage emotionally with others feels like a chore to you perhaps not sensing that the energy that others are projecting towards you are more about supremacy in the relationship rather than having harmony with you. Then you can make a conscious choice weather to engage in competitive relationships. If you see that the reason for the tension is simply the preference not to engage in relationships that are competitive then you can reprogram your subconscious and tell your self, ‘I now longer want to engage competitively with other ego personalities’. This command would in this meditative state reprogram the solar plexus center to input this new data from which you are wanting more than the previous one and command at that time to clear the old program and allow your self to see what beliefs come up as you are clearing the center. Continue to invoke your Reiki as you are clearing this area and allow your breath to guide you to when it is done and feels like it is then in balance.

This technique allows for the conversational flow to be established between your conscious and subconscious selves so that obtaining your own inner guidance becomes easier and faster as you practice this system you’ll get better at it and can get creative with harmonizing with your own guidance which is a well of wisdom, peace and security awaiting you.

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Yahaira offers energy clearings as part of her intuitive counseling practice. Energy Clearings assist the person in releasing negative programs and attuning to their higher self. Over the years, she has offered classes combining meditation and creative visualization. She is a level I Reiki practioner and combines other modalities for psychic spiritual healing. For more information go to www.yahaira.org