I can't help but notice as I write this review for Emotional Freedom, by Dr. Judith Orloff, that at this particular moment, I'm not feeling so free. Worries twirl in my mind: Will readers like the review? What will Judith think? Insecurities abound. Thank God that Emotional Freedom is available to me. Living at a deeper level is to express love, offer thanks and practice forgiveness thereby excusing you of a life of pent-up angst. Ah, that's better – the freedom is swelling.

Dr. Orloff has written, quite simply, a guidebook of intuitive psychology that is practical for any lay person to understand and utilize. Her personal accounts of loss, healing, anxiety and love help the reader accept and embrace the reality they may be facing without shame or indignation. Her education and insight merge to deliver an exciting work that is to be kept anywhere but the bookshelf. Judith Orloff has ignited a peace movement with Emotional Freedom, and invites all aboard. Clearly, her work is from her heart.

Writing is very much like giving birth to a child. For months (or years), the author nurtures concepts, feelings and visions that take on a life of their own. The labor is extensive and when the final delivery pushes through, there's a release of life force that becomes an energy of its own in this world. Judith has birthed an amazingly grounded, yet ethereal book that transports the reader to a realm that may seem distant or forgotten, yet is spiritually rooted and familiar to any soul. You will go there, and it is there – within you and around you. It is your home of pure spirit that is absolute love. As Judith expounds on this love in Emotional Freedom, we can feel the 'rightness' of its meaning and how it alone will dispel any fear or ill-feeling that might arise. It's the lesson of our soul's journey – getting back to this love. “Love is healing. It's the soul's greatest work to release fear and grow in love,” say Orloff.

Here are some of my favorite lines from the book:

Loneliness... it's a disruption of the tripartite link between self, spirit, and others.”

“My curious nature is drawn to the deep end of living and finding my way back toward the light.”

“Being fear-driven condemns your sorry emotional self back to prison yet again. Aren't you sick of it there?”

“Pay particular attention to dreams... Your subconscious generously provides a stage to dramatize your worst fears so that you may heal them. - You can't explore fear without discomfort – but capitalize on the information to break free.”

Orloff offers ample guidelines, tips, practices and even identifications of our character via quizzes and self-exploration questions. We humans, it seems, find a particular kind of liberation in definitions. As an Emotional Type, I'm an Empath. You may be a Gusher or Rock. The easy to distinguish traits give a name to many familiar people in your life. Each has positive and negative characteristics, and you'll see, as Judith told me, “Although you can notice several of these traits within your own character, you will revert back to the one most comfortable to you in times of stress. That's how you know your main type.” And then there are those that you spend time with that may be sucking your energy – the Vampires. Who are the Splitters, the Victims or the Criticizers in your life? Orloff gives many techniques to recognize and deal with various energies in a positive, proactive way.

Of the many concepts that Judith covers, including dream work, meditation, self responsibility, anxiety/fear/worry and loneliness, my favorite in Emotional Freedom is a simple one: YOU ARE NOT YOUR PARENTS. I told Judith that for me, the whole book could have been these 5 words and the impact, once truly absorbed and believed, was profound. Their “stuff” is easily disguised as our “stuff” and when we can discern which is which, freedom and emotional space take on new dimensions.

Emotional Freedom is a gift birthed by Dr. Orloff that will live on as an independent being, with a life that has no limits and will spawn other great works in those that utilize its tools.

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