Maybe by now you have heard the buzz about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) but are not really sure what it is or what it’s used for. Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple, effective and powerful modality that is changing lives! It entails tapping on acupuncture meridian endpoints while experiencing or remembering a negative situation.

Basically, the premise of EFT is that all negative symptoms in our body, whether physical or emotional stem from unresolved emotional issues that are carried in our bodies’ electrical and nervous systems. Until we clear them out, they will cause unpleasant manifestations and can even prevent us from fully living the life we deserve. By tapping on the specific points while in the midst of, or remembering an event, one is clearing out the residual negative effects of the original trauma and the accompanying emotional and physical manifestations disappear. Imagine the benefits of acupuncture without the needles and imagine learning how to use this powerful tool yourself.

EFT is the brainchild of Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer who modified Dr. Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy. Craig explains that each issue is like a table top that is held in place by the legs of the table. As a trained practitioner taps on your present symptoms/condition and delves further to get to the root issue with intuition and questioning, specific events that constitute the legs of the table are neutralized. When a few of the legs are cleared, the entire table top collapses and the person experiences a sense of well-being, freedom and peace.

So what can EFT be used for? Over the years, trained practitioners have been getting curious, creative and bold, and have attempted EFT on just about anything and everything. The range includes negative emotions from anxiety to anger, physical symptoms like headaches or pain of any sort, allergies, relationship issues, sports performance enhancement, improved test scores and school performance, confidence, weight management, cravings and the like. You name it, tapping can usually help it! It is so powerful and effective that the word is spreading rapidly and great success is being achieved in surprising new arenas.

EFT can also be used to implant positive suggestions into your subconscious and is effective in boosting self-esteem and replacing self-limiting beliefs with new empowering ones. It’s effective in fostering forgiveness and releasing long-standing resentments that are usually detrimental to the one harboring them.

The workplace is another highly effective arena for the use of EFT. When employees are free of nagging physical symptoms and illnesses, they are happier and more productive in their work. Fostering camaraderie and good relationships between coworkers also leads to higher profits for businesses. Tapping both individually or in groups is very effective. Those reluctant to be the focus of attention or who are unaware of any negativity in their life, can tap along for someone else and reap the rewards through what is known in the field as “borrowing benefits.”

Did you ever stop to imagine what your life could and would be like if you didn’t have that nagging doubt about your ability to succeed? What about feeling hindered by a migraine or a fear of public speaking? Have you kept yourself from looking for a great relationship because your body doesn’t look the way you want it to? Do you have trouble getting motivated or sticking to a plan to achieve your goals? Many of us sabotage our dreams without really knowing why, and look to blame the “symptoms” when instead there is a root emotional block that is deeply ingrained in us. Removing it through tapping and learning how to make a paradigm shift are the keys to empowerment and choosing the life you want. The best laid intentions are only intentions until we find out what stands in the way of them coming to fruition.

Working with an EFT practitioner can be the first step towards living the life you truly desire. Instead of continuing in the same daily routine and learning to live with or accept the ailments that bother you, know that there is another way. Know that empowerment, joy and ease of living is your birthright and success can be yours. You can have a healthy body without deprivation of your favorite foods. Relationships can be harmonious and old wounds healed. Allergies and back pain don’t have to be part of your daily existence. Uncomfortable feelings around money, success and the good life can be neutralized. Depression and anger can easily be discharged within minutes, freeing you up to attract wonderful things into your life.

EFT is a powerful tool to guide you to the joyful prosperous life you deserve.

Author's Bio: 

Ellen Richter is a Life/Wellness Coach, EFT practitioner and Reiki Master with degrees in Psychology and Special Education. In addition to her private coaching, EFT sessions and therapy, Ellen lectures across Long Island, runs workshops and is available for both private and corporate speaking engagements and workshops. Ellen is highly respected in her field, has a loyal clientele and receives great joy from empowering people. Join Ellen's email list to receive a free ezine and schedule of upcoming events at or by phone at 631 326 6116.