When learning energy healing, one soon learns that for most people, the right side of us is the male side and the left side is the female side. So what does it all mean and how does it relate to our emotional state?

Of course, there are exceptions. There is no reason why someone should not be the other way around. However, for most people it goes something like the following.

The right side represents either a male in our life or the Male side of us. For example, in terms of people in our life, it could be a father, brother, male teacher, colleague, partner, ex-partner, or someone like that. In terms of the male side of us, it is the provider, the earner, the protector, the strong one. I call that "the slayer of the dragon" side of us.

The left side represents either a female in our life or the Female side of us. So, in terms of people in our life, it could be a mother, sister, female teacher, colleague, partner, ex-partner, or any female that had or has a negative impact on our life. In terms of the female side of us, this is the pleaser, the carer, the nurturer. I usually call that side "the carer" or "the nurturer".

Let me give an example from a Reiki healing I have had. For days before that healing, my left leg was very stiff due to over-zealousness in the gym. However, I had done everything I should for the muscle tightness to release, but it was still very tight and painful. I had resorted to taking anti-inflammatories so I could sleep at night. That for me is extreme. And my whole right side was getting stiffer, my back, my shoulder, and even all the way in my right arm, every muscle felt very tight. During the healing, at some point, everything suddenly started to shift. My body realigned, and the left side of me was getting as strong as the right side, which felt much more relaxed. Both sides felt both strong and relaxed at the end of the healing. As that happened, I got an epiphany, and Aha Moment, that I had been so wrapped up in unexpectedly provide for my family and myself in two countries, that I completely focused on bringing the money in and forgot to nurture my family in the process. This created an imbalance in me on every level, including physical. That healing not only gave me physical, but a great emotional relief and energy shifts. I felt amazing afterwards.

So, if you consistently feel there is something wrong with one side of you, maybe it is worth investigating the male-female duality in us, and see if there is an imbalance there. Going to a Reiki or any good energy healer can help you to redress the balance. Or maybe simply by recognizing what was wrong and figuring it out for yourself, just that can help you feel more balanced.

Wishing you peace and balance always.

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