Elizabeth Edwards, who died December 7, did so many things right. For example, she managed the presidential campaign for her husband, John Edwards -- at least until he self-destructed as a politician.

Creating his briefing books and directing his campaign, sometimes Elizabeth tried to push her husband farther toward the left, as with her support of same-sex marriage. Excellent!

Edwards could be gutsy, too. I'm especially fond of an incident that linked the Democratic political activist and Republican darling Ann Coulter. She had attacked John, saying she wished "he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot." When Elizabeth spotted Coulter on the TV show "Hardball," she called up. On the air, as reported at a Yahoo News Comment by Emery English, this is what she said:

"In the South when we -- when someone does something that displeases us, we wanna ask them politely to stop doing it. I'd like to ask Ann Coulter -- if she wants to debate on issues, on positions -- we certainly disagree with nearly everything she said on your show today, but it's quite another matter for these personal attacks that the things she has said over the years not just about John but about other candidates lowers our political dialogue precisely at the time that we need to raise it. So I want to use the opportunity ... to ask her politely stop the personal attacks."

Again and again, Elizabeth defended a husband who was so charming, so handsome. Critics began to call him "The Breck Girl." Later, they called him worse names.

Edwards' own life went from low-profile (as at the time of this wedding photo) to high-stakes crowd pleasing. She endured political successes and defeats, standing at her man's side.

It must have been especially painful for this politically visible wife, who described herself as the "anti-Barbie," to deal with her husband's very public fathering of a love child with Rielle Hunter, a campaign cinematographer who could charitably have been described as a "Barbie."

Note, however, that judging by the wedding day photo, for Cuteness Quotient Elizabeth was just as physically adorable as her famously handsome husband. Her face changed a lot more than his did over the years. Any face reader (especially readers of "Wrinkles Are God's Makeup") will appreciate how everyone wins at the face change game. E. E. evolved hugely as a person, and that is why her face changed so much more than her husband's.

Yet Elizabeth was controversial, and not just disliked by Hunter or Coulter. Two recent books have attacked her, including the anonymously sourced Game Change, which accused her of yelling at campaign staffers and swearing at volunteers in the John Edwards campaign for president.

Let's compare some significant chakra databanks in this woman's eventful life, the past six years of which involved breast cancer.


Join me in researching chakra databanks, using any of your favorite skills for energetic literacy. That might include:

* Face reading, perhaps using the system of Face Reading Secrets(R) in THE POWER OF FACE READING
* Using a technique for aura reading from photos, like that found in READ PEOPLE DEEPER
* Using a technique for skilled empath merge, like the "Darshan" technique in EMPOWERED BY EMPATHY

Elizabeth Edwards, Campaigning nearly two years ago
Just be sure, for your own sake, not to slip-slide into experiencing another person. Do a specific technique, from START to OVER.

This will protect you against picking up random STUFF, astral-level debris that then would become your problem for days, months, or years.

To read along with me, you might want to use links to the pictures here:

* Elizabeth Edwards the Bride: http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee293/Rosetree_Rose/th_12moral_edward...

* Campaign Manager Elizabeth Edwards, photographed when her husband was my favorite of the three presidential candidates. (Sigh.) http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee293/Rosetree_Rose/th_image.jpg

* Elizabeth Edwards, standing by her man on "The View" in 2009. http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee293/Rosetree_Rose/th_051909_EEdward...

* Reader, you can see all these photos, enjoy reader discussion, and comment at the article, by using this link to my original blog post at "Deeper Perception Made Practical": http://www.rose-rosetree.com/blog/2010/12/09/elizabeth-edwards-empath-me...

DEALING WITH REALITY, Aura Reading Databank at the Root Chakra

Elizabeth the Bride: Smart strategic thinker. Confident that she can shape her life and circumstances by thinking circles around other people. (Not arrogant about this, merely realistic. She IS mega-mega-smart.)

Campaign Manager Elizabeth Edwards: Such a contrast! Elizabeth has already packed about five lifetime's worth of evolution into this incarnation. Between how she handled the death of her son and all the political service in full public view, plus a clear commitment to grow from every challenge life threw at her -- wow!

This chakra databank, like others, is gorgeously filled with scar tissue -- symbols of life lessons learned, and learned so magnificently that the learning was even greater than a hoped-for growth pattern while setting up her life contract.

Okay, calm down, Rose. How about some specifics?

Reality now, for Elizabeth Edwards, is a Christian-flavored mix of pragmatic realism and making a consistent, daily effort to be loving, kind, forgiving, connected to spiritual Source.

Elizabeth Edwards in 2009: Held together with duct tape -- that's the surface-level equivalent of this woman's reality now. Between the cancer and her husband's very public infidelity, Edwards is used for fighting for her life every day of her life.

More energy than before is taken to keep holding herself together. So she notices external reality with her usual clarity, just not the old ability to be fully present to it. She's needing to use about 60% of her personal focus on her own reality; before it was more like 35% when doing political work.

SEXUAL SELF-ESTEEM, Aura Reading Databank at the Belly Chakra

Elizabeth the Bride: Modesty is present, along with innocence and curiosity.

Campaign Manager Elizabeth Edwards: Pain is evident. Elizabeth doesn't feel her public confidence, as in the previously read chakra databank. She feels more like a package of stale cookies, left on the shelf:

Not worth much. Trying not to think much about how she has been treated by her husband, or how sexy she might feel, given a different marriage.

Elizabeth Edwards in 2009: Rage and resentment are the consuming factors here.

HANDLING CONFLICT, Aura Reading Databank at the Solar Plexus Chakra

Elizabeth the Bride: Strong-willed, stubborn, this young woman has learn she can trust her intellect to get her through any problem. Solutions that she finds aren't simplistic but as complex as the situation warrants. When it's a matter of figuring things out, this sometimes-diffident kid doesn't bow down to anybody.

Campaign Manager Elizabeth Edwards: Very solid in her response to conflict or personal attack. Practice makes character, because habits that we pursue over the years really do shape us, all the way down to the level of chakra databanks.

Edwards has learned to pause and rebalance, rather than simply responding. She appreciates complexity far better than she used to. She also has chosen to develop respect for points of view that aren't her own and might never be. Beautiful growth here!

Elizabeth Edwards in 2009: Hard-won strengths are still bringing nuance to E.E.'s responses. Yet the huge anger pervading her auric field does diminish her patience.

COMMUNICATING AT WORK DURING CONFLICTS, Aura Reading Databank at the Throat Chakra

Elizabeth the Bride: Sharp words will ensue, vigorously spoken. Southern or not, Elizabeth does not ease into such communications. She is a pouncer.

Campaign Manager Elizabeth Edwards: Inspiring people is what she loves to do. Correcting people is something she has learned to do, and the highly opinionated pouncer of her earlier years has morphed nearly beyond recognition.

Elizabeth Edwards in 2009: For the first time, reading her, I find dissembling. She doesn't lie a lot, but she does hide her true thoughts and feelings, repackaging them in a diplomatic manner.

Aside from this, Edwards continues to have nuanced, complex, sophisticated ways of attempting to deal with conflict.

And anger does provide a certain distorting influence at his chakra databank, as elsewhere.

EXPRESSING SOUL, Aura Reading Databank at the High Heart Chakra

Elizabeth the Bride: Not yet. She's still like most people on earth, 299 out of 300, who doesn't really pay attention to what brings joy to her as a person. Anyone can make choices in life that wake up the soul, fortunately. It will be interesting to compare and contrast with how this chakra databank fares in our next two photographs.

However, considering that this picture is taken on her wedding day, it's worth noting the lack of even a temporary soul thrill. The typical wedding glow is evident -- a special dispensation of Third Eye Chakra upgrade and bliss. But soul thrill is not present.

The implication, to me, is that the marriage to John might have been in her life contract -- what is sometimes called "destiny" or "fate" -- but the nature of the relationship itself didn't especially honor her human soul.

Campaign Manager Elizabeth Edwards: Huge and glorious, Ms. Edwards is living in bliss in this moment. Doing political work absolutely thrills her soul.

It's worth noting that, whatever marital problems may shape marriage to John in Elizabeth's personal life by this time, he has exactly the same kind and amount of soul thrill trumpeting through his High Heart Chakra.

As the couple holds hands, they are joined at the soul level, joyful as angels.

Elizabeth Edwards in 2009: Oh, gee, there I go, crying again. Just as I cried when I learned about the death of this magnificent woman.

Soul thrill does show in this photograph. But it's a different kind of soul expression in this particular interview, at this particular time in Elizabeth's life.

Fighting her losing battle against cancer, publicly disgraced and humiliated through her husband's lies, the big-deal-mission for Elizabeth Edwards right now is to move forward in public.

Being brave. Not acting like a victim. Modeling for other women and men who have lived through their own tragedies how to keep on doing their best, getting through one day at a time.


Giving a college course on your own death -- it has so been done. Hey, I read Tuesdays with Morrie. I actually took a course with Morrie, back in my Brandeis days -- not that particular course, fortunately. Professor Schwartz had many lively years to follow that excellent sociology course.

Dwelling on your process of dying as reported in Mitch Albom's book, sure, that could be considered a public service. But consider by contrast the much harder thing that Elizabeth Edwards gave the world. She showed how to engage in life with grace and dignity, no matter how bad you feel, and not making your suffering the major topic of conversation.

I can't think of a more important lesson to teach the world.

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Rose Rosetree is the author of "Empowered by Empathy" and "Become The Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment."

She offers personal sessions for healing, mentoring sessions, and workshops. Her four U.S. trademarks in New Age include Empath Empowerment(R).