Do you work for a difficult manager? The most of us have it some time or another, and typically, it is a scenario that makes you feel helpless. Bad bosses and supervisors can make your work life unhappy, and it is challenging not to allow that affect other parts of your life also. It might appear impossible, but there's another approach you can take.

Even organizations that have Employee participation and Wellness programs aren't immune. Here are merely some examples that I've learned about lately. In my experience, there is an immense importance of Employee Relations that every organization must pay attention to support better work culture.

Taking credit for someone else's job

- You have a good idea, or you also do an excellent piece of work, and rather than being acknowledged or rewarded because of this, your boss takes all of the credit. This makes him/her seem great and leaves you frustrated and fuming.

Criticizing in front of others

- You are in a meeting, and your boss gets down just to say, or has a laugh at your own expense, or makes some significant remark(s). It is bad enough that they do so at all, but to do it in front of the co-workers makes you feel dumb and attacked.

Changing your job

- When you took with this place you're excited about what you're supposed to do, but now your boss gets you performing different things - things you never signed up for. Maybe you like traveling and meeting with clients, but your supervisor has frozen going and currently has you cooped up at work supporting the computer daily. This is not what you signed up for.

Not allowing you to perform your job

- You are trying to get your task done, but your boss keeps adding more and more work, which makes it impossible to finish anything. Or maybe they always pull you apart from what you are doing or interrupt you frequently. It is frustrating, overwhelming and once more, you might feel powerless.

These are merely a few examples, and everybody has a story to tell of a difficult situation with their boss. When it's something which's occurring now or something which happened previously, there's a lot you can understand and, despite appearances, there's something that you can do.

You might take some instruction about how best to manage difficult people, or perhaps you just opt to leave and find another job. However, you just might end up in a similar situation again.

The approach advocated by various leaders is rather different, and you likely won't locate it in almost any employee Engagement or lost the importance of Employee Relations program.

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Supriya Nigam is a lead Content Writer & Digital Marketing Strategist at CareerBuilder India. Her passion for helping people in all aspects of digital marketing flows through in the expert HR Technology industry coverage she provides. Also, an avid Yoga practitioner.