First we will get the pay out of the way. Though employees should be paid market value this is simply fair. Pay is not a long term motivator but it certainly can be demotivating. The pay scale should be understood by employees along with market values with the ability to ask for a raise should a job change allowable. It should be noted that employees are concerned with pay compression as part of this. Though it is normally not allowed to discuss pay in the work place, it does occur. the company needs to be aware of long tern and new hires getting close in pay. The employee impression that new hires are paid more, make more quicker, often has some truth is compression is not watched.

A lot of management is a perception. This often comes about when employees feel that they cannot make decisions but instead just follow orders from the boss. This has also been talked about how managers micro-manage. The employee feels like they are watched at all times.

Availability of managers is talked about when employees feel they can never find a manger or that the manager does not listen or have time. Employees want to be able to speak face to face at least some of the time. The employee can also feel that though a manager is available, has time, the manager is unapproachable. There is a feeling that the manager is bothered by the interruption.

Employees like to work in an organized and clean facility. Whether you hear this or not the employees will notice if the facility is clean. The customers will too. But the employees will take this as a sign that the company does not care how it looks.

Employees want to be treated fairly. They want to know the manager looks at each employee the same in regards to work. Even when employees make mistakes, and maybe especially, the employees want to know that the correction will be the same for all.

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