Many upcoming leaders have to struggle with the process of influencing others because we live in a culture and society that focuses on self worth rather than empowerment of others. In order to have a lasting legacy of communication, and strong leadership ability, you have to look into the process of learning how to empower other leaders and give them the same type of skill set that you possess. On the surface, this seems like a complicated task, but it's not that difficult if you follow a few steps.

The very first step that you'll want to explore is going to be hard for some, especially those that have been placed into a leadership position without a lot of experience, and that's to lead by example. This type of powerful tool can really set aside strong leaders in contrast to weaker ones. If, for example, you are asking the team under you to wake up at dawn in order to get a head start on the day, the leader must do so as well. This might seem like a rudimentary example, but it's a strong one, something that others will appreciate. If you can successfully bring a sense of humanity to the position, you will not only empower yourself, but also others at the same time.

The second thing to remember is that you are not your own and you are not alone. This is something that rings true for any type of religious individual, but for those that aren't religious, it's important to shift focus from self to others. By being selfless in many ways, a benevolent leader can gain many followers and empower others in the same token. By delineating tasks to others, empowerment becomes the name of the game. This is especially true for those working in business with clearly defined hierarchies.

The last thing to consider, and some might think it's the most important, is to try not to be superman. One thing that many leaders forget to consider is letting their team sink or swim without bailing them out. This might seem cruel on the surface, but if a leader continually bails out a floundering member of a larger group, they can end up losing out big in the long term. Properly trained individuals require real opposition and struggle. Without allowing even a little struggle and strain, empowerment is not possible as the team relies on superman to save the day each time.

The aforementioned three things to consider are not the only matters that should be considered for strong leadership. The overall message here is simple, in that the idea of "self" in terms of leading a group is hard to quantify for the long term. If you're serious about making sure your team is skilled enough to become the next wave of managers in any business, the focus on self has to be shifted. The idea is not to become the smartest, greatest, but rather, to exemplify certain qualities so that others can then turn around and become great and give back to the creation of a new team, as the cycle continues forward.

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