If we want to be entertained, there are many ways we can do. However, there is no doubt that watching movies is one of the best and most effective means of entertainments. Since time immemorial, we have turned to movies if we need a break and de-stress. We watch movies when we are bored, and we want to have fun. We go to theaters or watch movies online if we want to laugh or cry, to break the monotony of our daily lives.

Is that all there is to movies? To entertain people? Do movies have the ability to have a greater impact? Can movies change us? Can movies add more value to this world?

Movies: Beyond Entertainment

If movies are purely for entertainment, there would be less and less people watching films, and there would be less and less movies produced. Over the years, many new forms of entertainment have appeared, and some of them are even free. However, to this day, film making remains to be a huge, thriving and growing industry. A big chunk of the profits in the entertainment industry still comes from movies. Millions of people continue to troop to movie houses. An even greater number of watch movies online.

The success of the film industry will always be attributed to the ability of movies to entertain. But it goes far more than entertainment. Movies do impact the movie goers and the world in general. Movies can change the world and us.

Can Movies Change Us?

First of all, do we need to change? Many people are afraid of change and are unwilling to change. Unfortunately, change is inevitable. In fact, change is necessary if we want to live happy and meaningful lives. Happy and successful people are those who accept that there is always something in themselves that can be changed for the better, even if there are no problems.
Movies, apart from being entertaining, also have life-changing effects on people who watch movies with the desire to learn and to change:

• Movies make us think – As we watch films, it’s not just our eyes that feast on the beautiful screen. When we take the effort to discern the movies that will add value to us, our minds also work along with our senses. As we watch films with substance, we think about the film’s message and how this can be applied to our lives. When we watch movies with meaningful messages, we tend to ask questions. Sometimes we even find answers in the movies that we watch.

• Movies make us feel – Of course, the different movies will evoke different emotions. We laugh. We cry. We become angry. We feel burdened. We feel hopeful. We dream with the dreams that movies projected on the screen. Movies become more meaningful when we maturely act on these emotions. As allow movies to affect our emotions, we must take the effort to turn all emotions into lessons that can bring about positive changes in our lives.

You Can Change the World

The world, just like us, needs to change. However, the world will not change for us. We take steps to make the changes that the world needs. As we allow the movies that we watch change us for the better, we must not keep that to ourselves. Watch movies at solarmovie.fun now!

The easiest way is to share the meaningful movies that we’ve seen. However, the best way to help the world is to show how much we have changed. As we allow the movies to impact our lives positively, we can change the world by exemplifying the lessons that movies try to teach us.

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