The choices we make creates experiences for us and others. The way we perceive ourselves is a choice. Do you see yourself as beautiful, ugly, smart, stupid, outgoing, open, closed emotional or unfeeling? If one chooses to see their self as incompetent for example, they will create experiences of incompetence. The problem is that when this is done repeatedly these experiences can seem normal and therefore no expectation to have other experiences. Hence life seems stuck and in a practical sense it is. When we focus on what we cannot do instead of what we can do we create an internal picture that is narrow and incomplete. Until we see that our experiences are consequences of our choices, we will think they are just or unjust, good or bad. When we make the connection between our choices and our experiences, we do not have to create the same experience again resulting in the letting go of victimization mentality. Most people today react in anger, jealousy and fear automatically and most do not realize that they are capable of other actions(choices).
When one reacts in anger, they create the same experience they created when they reacted angrily in the past; creating a karmic loop. The same is true for other low frequency reactions such as fear, jealousy, vengefulness, etc. As was discussed in a prior newsletter, everything has a frequency whether it be a high or low frequency. Thoughts, words and actions also carry frequency. Like attracts like as we know from the Law of Attraction; this is why the Auric and Karma Removal sessions are so important and profound because we clear out the low frequency energy imprints located in and around the body. With these removed, you have a better chance of mastering mind/body control. This is the next step after the clearings and the purpose of this article!
Most people make choices based on their five senses which are touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight. These senses connect us to the physical world, the world of survival. Choices made using the five senses only generally appeal to the personality. The personality is also know as the ego and shadow self. As the earth continues through her changes, humanity is awakening to the realization that they are more than molecules and enzymes; we are all multisensory beings. This new realization means that we are no longer satisfied with controlling more or having more. The goal is spiritual growth and through this personal growth, one understands power in a new way--the alignment of the personality with the soul. This is empowerment!
Let us look at empowering requirements versus external requirements. Empowering requirements include needs of the soul, align personality and soul, creativity serves the soul, love and be loved, life fills with meaning, create healing, constructive consequences, fear disappears, attract others who pursue empowering requirements, create empowering choices. External requirements include, needs of the personality, manipulate and control, envy creativity of others, strive to be safe and valuable, life empties of meaning, create painful, destructive consequences, insist on being right, life filled with fear, attract others who pursue external requirements, create external power. When one can recognize the difference between their empowering requirements and their external requirements, they will develop a natural give and take and become more flexible.
The next piece to making empowering choices is the understanding that each choice you make has intention connected to it. Most people make unconscious choices in that they are unaware of the intention behind their action. This is very important because intention is the use of ones will. Intention is more than wishing about something or desiring something, or even praying for something. It is determining to create it. This is why I ask clients to send me their intention prior to their session. An intention is a commitment to accomplish an objective, to create something that was not there or to continue creating something that is. The intentions of the soul are harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life. The only force that can alter the direction of our lives is our will to change it, but some individuals do not use this force. They remain angry, jealous or vengeful throughout their lives and they leave the earth with the same psychological and emotional characteristics they had when they were a child. They react repeatedly in the same way and create the same consequences.
Conscious awareness through empowering choice is the accelerated way of the evolution of the soul. To learn more visit