Rather than being elusive, or catch as catch can, intuition is a trustworthy ally operating perfectly under the right conditions. So what is it that determines the right conditions?
The following ideas give you what you need to engage your ally with ease.

What You Consistently Say to Yourself and Others Can Help or Hinder the Flow of Intuition.
Have you ever paid attention to your inner and outer conversations? How many times during the course of a day do you say, “I don’t know?” or “I don’t want to know.” You may be stating the absolute truth, yet when said repeatedly it sends the message to your Inner Self that you don’t know, and translates to... “I won’t know.” The subconscious doesn’t differentiate, when you say you don’t know it takes it literally and responds accordingly. Of course you want to be truthful, so it’s in your best interest to find another way to say it. For example: “That doesn’t ring a bell”, “Ask John”, “Why don’t you look it up?” or “Go see Ann, she heads that project”. These statements or questions prevent you from saying “I don’t know” and directs the individual to another source.
It’s helpful to fortify yourself with affirmations, (statements of potential truths) to negate the effects of past ineffectual speech. Declaring, “I am a magnet for helpful, quality information”, sends that message to your Inner Self. Repeat it 3 times in a row, a few times a day for good success.
Another example of how words affect us is what happens when we want to make amends, through something we’ve done or have neglected to do. Generally, most people will say, “I’m sorry.” and will say it several more times to indicate they truly mean it. It is better all around to say, “I apologize.”
When you say, “I apologize” you are taking an empowered action. When you say, “I’m sorry”, you are in a passive state, a stuck point. The word sorry connotes a less than optimal state of being. Say both phrases to sense the differences. Being sorry gives you no place to go. Being apologetic has you taking responsibility and moving forward. It’s subtle yet powerful.

Make Space in Your Life for the Things You Do Want By Releasing What You Don’t Want.
Did you know that clutter, be it physical, emotional, or mental, wreaks havoc with your intuition?
It can stop the intuitive flow and leave you confused and tired. The wisdom of Feng Shui tells us that in order to attract opportunities we need to release items from our space that no longer serve us.
This does not mean to throw everything away, just the things you look at and say, “This does nothing for me” or, “This is no longer suitable for me”. The sooner you can release those items the better it is for you.

Start in the way that is comfortable for you. Create three piles: one for things to throw out; one for things to give away or sell; one pile for things, which you are not sure.
As soon as possible get rid of the things to throw out. You’ll immediately feel good. Next get the give away or sell items out of your space.
Review the pile with the things you are not sure. Find an appropriate place for the things you decided to keep and release the items for which you no longer have an appreciation. Are some items gifts? If feasible offer them first to those who gave them.
Clutter is not just physical. It’s possible to carry around outdated ideas and opinions that no longer serve you. The grudges you harbor are another
form of clutter. Have you done everything to bring about your heart’s desires yet nothing happens? It’s time to take an inner inventory and let go of petty thinking and grudges. You may think that these reminders prevent similar experiences, but this is not the case. Your intentions, awareness, and connection to your Inner Self prevent and/or lessen the intensity such experiences.
As you are able, think about the people that you need to forgive. Forgive because it opens the way for the things you want. Forgive because it’s good for you.
Is it possible that you have a limiting, unsupportive belief that you need to release? Perhaps it’s a viewpoint that unwittingly sabotages your best efforts.
For example, the belief that this is a dog- eat- dog world and you can’t trust
people, will prove itself to you over and over again. Why is that? Because that’s what you’ve programmed into your internal computer, your subconscious.
You’d want to change this belief to; “It’s wonderful how helpful and trustworthy people are” or, “Everyone I meet is so helpful to me” Repeat this with sincerity aloud and silently, to realize this as your new belief.
You’d also want to that think of instances when people have encouraged you, and engage visualizations to support your belief. The outcome of this process is that the vibration of your new belief emanating from you attracts trustworthy, helpful people. Gratefully, you’ll release other limiting beliefs that you accepted as truth.

Remember That Your Inner Self is Always Present and Available.
That’s true, your Inner Self, also called your Higher Self is available even when you are not.
You think you are not getting the answers to the questions you are asking about your life yet how often do you put time aside to listen? There are very easy ways to listen that don’t take a whole lot of time, such as the following; Find a place free from disturbances.
Imagine that you are a vessel and that you are bringing in the universal energy(white light) through the top of your head.
As you breathe, notice that the energy makes its way through you filling your cells, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.
Breathe and release your breath easily and effortlessly. Notice that the white light has moved all the way through and comes out the soles of your feet and into the earth. Now you are relaxed and receptive.
Thank your Higher Self for all that it does and ask a question that has been on your mind. It can be as simple as, “What is the best course of action for my career now ” or, if you want a relationship ask, “What do I need to do now to attract the right relationship?” Then notice the impressions, ideas, words, or symbols that come to you. All you have to do is follow through to materialize your success.

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Pearle Lake, Intuitive Consultant, is the author of “Improve Your Life with Intuition, Feng Shui Wisdom, and Affirmations” available at amazon.com and other online outlets. See more about it at www.awesomeintuitionbook.com
She encourages her clients' awareness and options for change via Intuition, astrological insight, and Holistic Change principles, including Nlp and Practical Metaphysics.