Living life as an empowered woman isn't a pipe dream.
It can be a reality for any woman who chooses to accomplish this in her life and then takes the necessary steps to achieve it. That being said, it may not happen over night.
As women, we face unique challenges that have to be identified, examined, and navigated. Challenges like changing our focus to include ourselves as a priority, ending competition with other women, and learning how to stop comparing ourselves and our lives to what we see as perfection.

In order to support you, as a woman who has chosen to live an empowered life, I have developed a whole series of inspirational tips and strategies.

This series is designed to accomplish two major goals.
First, it is to support you in such a way that you will be empowered to activate confidence in your own abilities, no matter what is happening around you.

Secondly, it is to energetically support millions of women to seek empowerment in their lives.

When you read a series instalment and then hold the intention that not only do you want to live an empowered life but you want all women every where to live an empowered life you help to activate that for all women!

This series has been created in a continuing format so that you will have adequate time to read and reflect on the inspiration, use it as a focal point for your week or month and apply it in your life . Be sure to check back every week or so. You'll want to have all this powerful information available to you!

So, without further adieu, lets get started!

Vibrational Output & Scale

Todays introductory concept is vibrational output and vibrational scale. While this subject is quite complex, lets just start with a simple bottom line - Everything in your life is either adding to your success and empowerment, or it is taking away from it.

So, in order to be successful and live life as an empowered woman, you have to remove the energy suckers from your life and replace them with solutions. Lets first look at the things that are literally draining your energies.

Energy Suckers

Energy suckers can be different things for different people, but they are quite easy to identify once you understand them.

First, know that energy suckers can be in a variety of forms. These include beliefs, patterns, thoughts, and even people.

Secondly, energy suckers only have one goal to drain your energy! To identify these things in your life, look for those things or people that do not support you in your goal of living an empowered life. Once you identify your specific energy suckers, you can begin to dissipate the energy hold they may seem to have on you.

This is important because:

• Your energy and how you focus your thoughts and feelings impacts what shows up in your experience!
• Your energy levels determine your ability to feel empowered no matter what is happening around you!

Energy Solution

Now that you know how to identify and begin to become aware of the energy suckers in your life, lets talk about solutions for building and increasing your energy!

This is where the concept of vibrational output will come into play. Vibrational output refers to the sum total of the various frequencies we emit.

The thoughts we think, the beliefs we hold, the emotions we feel, the stories we tell ourselves, the actions we take, even the food we ingest are all frequencies. These frequencies create an energy field around us that is alive and in constant flux as our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, focus, concentration, and intentions change, some from moment to moment, some over longer periods of time.

Frequencies attract and resonate with like frequencies. For example, if you have a belief that you don't have enough money, part of your vibrational output is I don't have enough money. This attracts frequencies that resonate with that belief and show up, for example, as debt, or as a behavior pattern such as overspending. To change what is showing up in our lives we have to change our vibrational output.

Next, lets discuss how to measure these vibrational outputs, using a vibrational scale. On the low end of the scale, we have things that are considered negative, like emotions of hate, anger, and depression or thoughts such as I can't or I'm not.

The other end of the scale, which represents the positive things, will include emotions such as love, compassion, and joy, as well as thoughts such as this is great! or this is so easy!

The goal here is to become aware of where on the vibrational scale your energies are currently emitting at. Once you have established and made peace with that baseline, you are now in a position to begin moving up the vibrational scale!
Empowerment action tip:

Become more aware of your vibrational output. You can tell by how you are feeling if you are vibrating higher or lower on the scale. Make peace with where you are, no judgments, and know that you can always make a small shift.

You will be able to practice more ways to shift your energy later in this series. Acknowledge yourself for making the choice to live a more empowered life.

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Wilson is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at The Coaching from Spirit Institute. CFSI offers three tracks of training to support entrepreneurs and others to accomplish their business, career and life goals.

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