Have you ever taught a freshman class at a college or university? The students that reside on campus are excited about being away from their parents. Most express they are looking forward to doing things on the own. The campus layout facilitates for them a perception of living the dreams of their life for the next four years. Zoning on campus is clearly defined with important areas designated for eating, sleeping, exercising and studying. Everything is paid for an exciting place to reside!
Conversely, there are some students who continue to reside with their parents at home. In addition, they have to continue to share in the chores, have to find a part-time job, attend college part-time and get distracted by other things they may have to do during college and work. They have boundaries and curfews as they are not in their own place. The zoning and layout is not that easily navigated and may have siblings at home who depend on them to do things for them.

Well, this is not unique to college students it applies to adults as well. The commonality of situations like these is that you have to Empower Yourself on your journey of life. Success does not just happen; you have to work at it. How is your life going? Are you where you want to be? Does your life reflect a plan for the next one, three or five years? Do you have the confidence needed to move to your next level of success? Oprah Winfrey said, “I would rather be prepared and never selected, than to be selected and not prepared.”
When you combine Empowerment Moments of daily affirmations as a part of your routine, the results will be success and improved self-esteem and confidence. It will keep you focused and encourage you to be better and not bitter - because you remain in the same situation year after year. The great news is, you don’t have to take this journey alone. You were predestined to be what God has planned for you. Here is an Empowerment and confidence bible verse for you to remember: “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not evil, to give you an expected end.” – Jeremiah 29:11

I have a purpose and passion for “Growing & Empowering Future Leaders Now, for success.” For empowering the next generation of leaders to be the best in their careers, life and relationships. For giving them strategies, transferring knowledge, skills, and abilities. Ms. Eastman and the co-authors shares some of my passions are reflected in this book. This book is an investment in you if you read it and inculcate the daily affirmations in The Empowerment Moments of Daily Affirmation. Yes, men can read it too. Give yourself a picture of greater potential, there is a deposit of greatness, wealth and healing within you waiting to be developed and released.

To your success, Dr. Cita

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Dr. Amicitia (Cita) Maloon-Gibson is a Professional Speaker, Executive Career Strategist Author and philanthropist. The author of “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now; Joy Unspeakerable a Spiritual Jambalaya and best-selling book “Stepping Stones to Success” and Co-author in Nine other books. She is the Visionary Leader of MGAA Professional Development Institute and ATIC & MG Center for Excellence (Non-Profit) both focus on “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now for Success.” She is a community leader who holds board leadership positions on the local and national levels. She is an Advisory Board Member of the Professional Woman Network which is an international training organization designed to assist individuals in starting or expanding a consulting, coaching or seminar business. She is a highly decorated veteran tdhat served during Desert Storm, Desert Shield and Iraqi Enduring Freedom. Her years of distinguish and honorary service, numerous awards and medals culminated in retirement at as a Senior Executive Office. Her passion and brand is “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now,” by all means available. Your success is her primary mission. She speaks internationally and throughout North America in Corporate, Federal, Academia and Private industry as keynote and workshop presenter. She speaks at the Federal Executive Board conferences, Federal National Training conferences, corporate and ministry events also at universities and professional organizations. She was recently selected and honored as one of the “50 Women of Power in Business MEA Magazine, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency. Her accolades are numerous as a Pacesetter and Executive role model and mentor for men and women. She leads empower, mentors and leads the 21st century leaders to success. Her recent publication "Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now for Success," is a must have book for leaders seeking growth, change and promotion. Through her non-profit Center she has provided scholarships and opportunities for growth of youth and women. She is a “Stepping Stone to Success” a true leader who leads by the path she makes for others through resources, mentoring and coaching to success. Dr. Cita has appeared in the National Association of Female Executives, Federal Times, Space Coast Magazine, Federal News Radio, Aspirations, Program Success; Ebony News Today and PBS local NBC TV. She was recently selected as one of 26 Speakers to the Marathon of Excellence hosted by Fraser Net and the Basement Crew. She is one of six authors who recently received the Blacks In Government/Amber Communications Group, Inc Literary Award for Her book entitled, “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now,” a leadership and mentoring empowerment tool-book for aspiring Executives in the Federal, state and corporate agencies. She is a Stevie Award Finalist for Women Helping Women in Government, Non-Profits and Business in Florida and abroad.

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