“Champions keep playing until they get it right,” some famous words from ‘Billie Jean King.’ It is very important for parents and schools to encourage children to participate in sports. Sports are something which helps children to improve their health and growth. It also teaches children an important thing, which is how to work as a team that will help them through out their life. Not that only, sports also can help a child to get a scholarship to college in the future.

There are used to be a time when kids were giving much importance to sports or game than anything else. However, these days, we hardly find kids participating in sports. The one of the main reasons for this could be competition which is increasing in every circle. This increasing completion in the field of education leads children to give more concentration on their studies and less on the sports.

It is very mandatory for parents to know that sports help kids in many ways which includes growth, health, smartness, activeness, mental health and many more. Sports also help kids to concentrate properly on their studies, as the famous quote goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. So parents should keep in mind that their child should not be a jack who works all the time and has no fun in life. Sports are also considered as important as studies. For well being of children, it is parent’s responsibility to encourage sports among children and also tell them the necessity of sports.

Parents should remember that there are so many positive things about sports than negatives which include strengthen children’s bones and muscles, tones person’s body, increase height, boosts confidence, and builds leadership and team skills, etc. Sports also bring positive energy in kids.

Looking at sports in a brooder way, it also can be chosen as a career. Nowadays anyone can find many career options in sports which were not available few years back. As a career, sports can give person a fame as well as wealth. So if the person can do better in this field of sports, he can grow like any other field. Speaking in general, sports are something which is available everywhere, for instance if there is any one with MBA background, he can choose his career in sports as sports marketing or sports promotion person.

This is considering one the vast field in sports. Apart from this, there are other options where a person can make his career which includes coaching, sports medicine, sport psychology, sports journalism and so on. Despite being a fact that there are lots of opportunities in the field of sports, still there are many parents in India who believe that there are opportunities in studying books than choosing sports as career. Studying is also important but at the same time parent should also know that there are lots of varieties available in sports and it can be taken as a career. So, all the parents let your child hit the ground and achieve the success in the field of Sports.

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