Literally, the definition of encourage is to put heart into. All of us need encouragement. Encouragement could have a great effect and powerful impact on co-workers and bosses. When this definition is applied to our situations in work, it may suggest:1.) Increasing morale by offering support to others in the office and expressing approval.

2.) Giving team members a vote of trust and confidence. 3.) Stimulating collaboration and cooperation between departments, work units and the company as a whole. 4.) Lifting people up and moving them to do those things they need to do to accomplish career and company objectives. 5.) Inspiring, stirring and motivating co-workers and superiors with courage, confidence and hope. 6.) Empowering direct reports and peers to reach their maximum potential and grow professionally. It has been said that one word of encouragement in the times of failure is worth more than one hour of praise or compliment after success. Colleagues and bosses alike face some tough situations and fail or make mistakes on a daily basis.

They need help to deal and cope with fear, doubt, uncertainty and disappointment. What people need desperately is a person like you to come alongside them and encourage them for trying even in the midst of failure or rejection…somebody who acknowledges and accepts them by helping to keep their self confidence still intact despite of the failed attempts and a person who truly cares about them.

Even if people sometimes act tough or strong outside—as if they are calmly and successfully handling the negative emotions and reactions that accompany a mistake, do not believe it! Somewhere, deep down inside, they are flooded with better disappointment and overwhelming feelings of fear and doubts about having made yet another slip up or blunder.

Put Heart into Other People at Work. When we put heart into other people when we are working, we actually lead them and make them believe that they can attain greater things than they ever thought possible. To encourage is one of the greatest but easiest and simplest work tools on hand to boost and uplift a boss’ or workmate’s self confidence.

Given below are the following tips to help you to be an encourager on the job. 1.) Notice and recognize the efforts and improvements some colleagues make most especially after a mistake. 2.) Reassure team members or give them a pat on the back after a setback or failure or disappointment.

3.) Show some appreciation for each team member in your office for the contributions they make. 4.) Show others at your workplace that you really care! Radiate a positive influence on their busy work lives by giving them encouragement just because…5.) Accept and value your workmates as they really are and don’t try to put conditions on accepting them.

6.) Act as a fan club member or a cheerleader for a boss or co-worker. Cheerfully assure them, “I know you could do this…” 7.) Deliberately look for some small ways or methods to encourage other people verbally, in writing, or through your behavior towards them. 8.) Help other people in your office to believe in themselves.

Point out their own positive characteristics and how these could lead to success in their life.

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The author of this article,Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Let Amy help you find Happiness in Your Work Place. Click here to learn how to become a Happy Worker.