The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic is freaking out the universities and colleges, who are on the verge of conducting the April Semester Exam 2020. Students,especially the final years, are very much concerned about their semester exams, results and higher studies. Questions like will semester exam happen in 2020, when will it be conducted, will it be onlineetc are running within them. If you are one among them, then here comes the answer to all your questions regarding April Semester Exam 2020.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has formed several panels under officials from numerous colleges, to find possible solutions for conducting the postponed semester exams without causing any major delay.

Will the semester exam happen in 2020?

The answer to this question is YES! The UGC panels suggest the universities and colleges to postpone the reopening from July to September, which may lead to zero winter holidays and working Saturdays.

When the semester examsare going to be held?

The UGC panels suggest that the exam for the final year students will be conducted after the lockdown and the results will be published in 30 to 40 days after the exam. Also for the first and second-year students, the panel recommends the UGC to conduct the exam leisurely and evaluate their papers during weekends.

An official from the Anna University assured that, if the exams are held in July, then the results can be declared in August, and the final years can seek their PG admissions in September.

Will the semester exams be conducted online?

Other than Delhi University, all universities expressed their concerns about conducting the end-semester online. But it is advised to complement the classroom coaching with online classes.

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What about Anna University Results?

The Anna University timetable 2020 not yet published, they will conduct the exam post lockdown. And Anna University Results will be mostly expected in August 2020, Students are advised to keep checking this website results for more details.

Anna University is a leading Engineering University located in Tamilnadu offering has both undergraduate and post graduate courses to its students. These examinations are conducted twice a year the results are published on the official portals,, being one of them.

The Anna University Result 2020 will also be published on the official website The official websites give the examination results. In addition to the results, the official portals also provide access codes to access the mobile app on the web as well as entry to the student’s corner which pushes out student specific information.

Once the exam results are published, the students can use the login to get into the account and view their results. Both the internal and external marks of every subject paper will be published. Additionally, the site will contain more information relevant to the students and the exam being conducted.

The portal is one of the many official websites used by Anna University to publish its results. So, it makes immense sense for the students to also know the web links of the other official portals.

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