Are you a diabetic? Worried about foods that contains high glycemic index? Don’t worry. Well, there are some Fruits for diabetics, which won’t cause any harm to their health. Let’s have a look on them.

Diabetics Mellitus (DM) is also known as Diabetes and it is a chronic disorder. This disease occurs when the pancreas does not secrete an adequate amount of insulin or when body cells become resistant to insulin. In both cases, the blood sugar can’t get into body cells for storage, which in turn leads to severe health complications.

There is so much of confusion in patients suffering from diabetes, but the fact is there are many Diabetic Friendly Fruits, that rather than resulting in complications provides various health benefits.
Tips to Enjoy Fruits for diabetic patients

Always it is suggested to eat fruits that are local, fresh and in season.
Consume fruits that contain low glycemic index.
Do not eat fruits with main meals, and the best option is to have them in between meals & as a snack.
Fruits that contain high glycemic index must be consumed in moderation.
Consume fruits with some nuts & olives in order to balance glycemic load.
Cinnamon powder has to be sprinkled on fruits which balances blood sugar levels.
Flaxseeds powder has to be sprinkled over fresh fruit to balance sugar levels.
Avoid consuming fruit juice as it doesn’t contain any fiber and it would result in increasing blood sugar levels.
Always prefer to consume raw fruits
Best Fruits for Diabetics :
The following are the fruits that are good for Diabetics:
Antioxidants present in pomegranates protects you from free-radicals & chronic diseases. Thus, it is one of the best fruits for diabetes control.

A phytochemical known as Resveratrol, found in grapes, modulates blood glucose comeback by affecting the way the body secretes and utilizes insulin. Thus, grapes are the best choice keeping the nutritional profile in mind.

Diabetic patient feels it free to consume apples. In fact, apples with blueberries & grapes are particularly beneficial and are consider as the best fruits for diabetics type 2, as it reduces type 2 diabetes risks.

Blueberries get deep pigment from anthocyanins, a sort of flavonoid, recognized particularly to reduce the diabetes risk.

Strawberries contain low- glycemic index thus it’s gradually released in the blood stream as glucose. It also improves immunity, and surges metabolism, which in turn assists in losing weight

For a diabetic patient, guava is a great snack, as it contains low glycemic index with rich dietary fiber that assists in constipation and lowers the possibility of type-2 diabetes risk.

Watermelon contains potassium that helps in proper functioning of kidneys, which in turn keeps balances blood uric acid levels. For diabetic patients it is very helpful as it prevents kidney damage. Moreover, diabetes results in causing nerve damage,however,lycopene in watermelon assists in reducing the effect

Cherries such as blueberries has anthocyanins that force the insulin cells production by 50%. So subsume cherries which are best fruits for diabetics type 1, as a part of healthy diet.

Papaya is a great Fruits for Diabetics as it contains natural antioxidants. People who are suffering from Diabetics are prone to many diseases subsuming heart or nerve damage caused. A diet along with papaya obstructs future damages for a better & longer lifespan.


The flavanones, flavonols and phenolic acid in oranges, have shown marvelous protective abilities, particularly in diabetics. Citrus fruits not only reduce glucose update, however it also inhibits the movement or transport of glucose via the intestines and live.

Being a diabetic should never prevent you from eating natural products. The key is to eat a wide assortment to keep your body poison free profiting by their imperative part in detoxification. There is no requirement for fascinating organic products, eating natural products that are crisp, neighborhood and in season are most appropriate for you.

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