A successful marriage is when both parties are happy to live with each other. If you are unhappy, you can’t make others happy. Some people think that getting a divorce will ruin their future and they keep enduring the pain while some have the courage to end a relationship for the happiness of both parties. 

There are various reasons for people to split up. It is not very easy to separate as you have to go through many proceedings in the family court to get your divorce approved by the law. If you already have a reason, the first person you would require is a lawyer to support your statement in the court of law.  

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Common Reasons for A Divorce:

 There can be many reasons for couples to split up and some might even surprise us. It might be a silly thing for us but not for them. Well, here are some reasons why people get a divorce.

  • Incompatibility: Married couples might have different views on various fields of marriage like religion or parenting. Some even have different interests, which makes them incompatible and they tend to break up in the later stage.
  • Money: It is when your partner has different views about how to spend his/her money in what way. Some might believe in spending a lot while some might believe in saving. 
  • Frequent conflicts: Couples who fight constantly might not last long. They might argue on various things and someday get irritated with each other. It might be due tolack of balance in the relationship or respect and equality.
  • Infidelity: Well, having an affair and being caught will be the worst kind of heartbreak for the other person in a relationship. Forgiving a person who broke your trust might be very difficult, hence, it is one of the major reasons for a split up.
  • Lack of Communication: Communication is the key factor for a stable relationship. If you have a problem and can’t communicate, it will only leave later grudges and various misunderstandings piling up in your brain that are too late to be solved. 
  • Violence and AbuseMarried couples tend to break up when abusing and violence becomes intolerable. One might not feel safe to be with the other in such a case. Abuse might not just be verbal; it can be emotional or physical as well. It also results in abusive nature towards the child. 
  • Lack of Intimacy: After being together for years, couples might lose interest in being intimate with their partners as frequently as they used to be during their honeymoon period. Some might say that they can’t feel the butterflies in the stomach when they see each other. 

There might be other reasons like addiction to drugs or alcohol, unrealistic expectations, and various others depending on the situation.  

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