It is no secret. As people advance through their lives, they generally continue to accumulate more and more personal possessions, whether it’s clothing, tools, electronics, or accessories. And while most people cherish their possessions, many struggle to keep them organize, safe and clutter free. But let’s face it — it is far easier to remember where you put the lawn mower or a sweater than it is to recollect where you misplaced the necklace your grandmother handed down to you!

Smaller items, like jewelry, not only carry a high price tag, but often are family heirlooms and gifts that have sentimental value far outweighing their cost. And when you consider how small and delicate most jewelry is, it becomes increasingly apparent why jewelry boxes and organizers are a must have among many women today. Finding the right jewelry organizer can save you time and frustration and prevent your favorite pieces from becoming damaged or lost. Once you find the perfect organizer, you’ll be able to hand down precious heirlooms to future generations, just like your grandmother. Here are some examples of just a few organizers that might be perfect for you.

When most people think of jewelry organizers, the traditional wooden music box immediately comes to mind. And this traditional style is still the favorite among many. However, there are new and unique jewelry organizers being produced on a daily basis. Here are some examples of several different varieties that you may want to consider for your jewelry collection.

If you are in the market for the traditional, then an oak jewelry organizer is the piece for you. This beautiful box features a lift lid with mirror, a top tray with matching sections on each side and a center compartment with ring rolls. The oak jewelry organizer also features four open drawers and four necklace hooks with shirred catch pockets on both sides. This organizer is accentuated in a beaded and burlwood fashion, brass tone hardware, and ivory suede interior.

Designed in the same vein, a two-door mirror top jewelry organizer offers similar features, but comes in a dazzling cherry finish. A full mirror inside the lid of this cherry box displays two ring rolls, six small compartments and four medium-sized trays. Four open drawers will help to organize and separate a variety of pieces. Beautiful doors also swing open on either side to reveal shirred catch pockets for necklaces, as well as bracelet hooks on the opposite side. This classic piece is hand lined in soft, sand colored fabric.

Music boxes, as previously mentioned, are treasured mementos that have adorned the bedrooms of girls and women alike for over a hundred years, and their popularity remains strong today. A beautiful example of these timeless classics is a musical cherry jewelry organizer, which combines the charm of a music box with the style and practicality of a jewelry organizer. Side compartments swing outward to hold necklaces on four sturdy hooks. Three drawers offer space for watches, bracelets, and other accessories. The top compartment has a lock and key that adds an air of sophistication. Lifting the top lid displays a mirror and plays lovely music. The lustrous cherry finish is complemented by gold tone hardware and black suede interior.

For those of you who would prefer an organizer in a lighter shade, a white musical jewelry organizer may suit your needs perfectly. When the mirrored-lid is lifted or side doors are opened, the tune “Magic Flute” will resonate through your room. The top compartment holds ring rolls and three smaller sub-compartments. Three drawers pull out while spacious necklace doors swing from the sides.

The traditional jewelry organizer is perfect for many women, but some may want to go a step further, and eliminate more accessory clutter. A perfect way to do this would be to use a wall-mounted jewelry organizer or armoire. Many women consider jewelry boxes to be too small and cramped for many of their accessory needs. But an armoire provides them with much needed space for their necklaces, rings, earrings and more. These armoires come in beautiful designs and feature elegant appliqués. A lock and key provide peace of mind.

As you can see, your jewelry collection does not have to be a cluster of metal and gems clumped together in your top drawer. And you don’t need to worry about pets or children knocking them off your dresser, never to be seen again! Regardless of whether you are looking for the traditional music box or something with an art-deco motif, a small jewelry box or a grandiose armoire, there is a jewelry organizer out there for you.

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