“Much gathers more.”

“The trick to getting more money is having some.”

If you’ve been reading up on success philosophy at all, you’ve heard many sayings about the power of the mind.

Have you noticed that the harder you try, the more you fail?

It’s like running as fast and as hard as you can toward a specific goal you want to achieve. At every fork in the road, you stop for a moment and carefully read the signs to make sure you’re going the right way.

You’re almost there. You feel you’re getting closer by the minute. As exhausted as you are, the thought of reaching your destination fills you with such joy you get your second wind. You make your final sprint.

Then you realize that someone has played a cruel trick on you.

They’ve reversed the road signs! That means you’ve just exhausted yourself running full speed in the wrong direction. Who could possibly be so cruel? The truth is no one has done this to you. You did it to yourself.

You have just been the victim of self sabotage. Self doubt, fear, confusion, and unexplainable fatigue – these are all signs that you’re working against yourself.

How can you finally put a stop to it?

The first step is to recognize self sabotage when it rears its ugly head. Once you understand the pattern of failure you can change it. Best of all, if you reverse sabotage in one area of life, you can eliminate it in other areas and change your entire life for the better.

A good place to start is to understand why you sabotage yourself in the first place. Could it be because society programs us to be critical of ourselves at all times? Just look at the images portrayed by the media and the unattainable ideals of perfection – flawless bodies only made possible by surgery and incredible, breathtaking amounts of wealth. You feel overwhelmed and you don’t even want to start.

Maybe there’s a fear of failure. You don’t dare want something so badly just in case it proves too hard too achieve. It could even be a fear of success and becoming the target of envy and hatred from others.

Whatever the outside reason, it leads to a constant, underlying feeling of self loathing. That is the first thing you must change at all levels of your existence.

It begins with your own self talk.

A simple affirmation like “I like myself” repeated over and over again can build the beginning of a more empowering self image. The more you like and accept yourself, the less likely you are to get in your own way. You’ll be free of the limitations others put on you because you’ll no longer be vulnerable to their criticism.

You’ll be more motivated than ever to pursue your dreams because you have no roadblocks in your way to hold you back any more.

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