The assistance of email marketing software can help the online marketers in two ways – by making their work easier and by saving their time. There are different categories of email marketing tools. In this article, email extractor tool is discussed in detail.

Email extractors are rightly meant for websites search and email addresses search from URLs, search engines and internet directories, by using the key words or key phrases as a search basis. It makes the process of email address search really faster in contrast with the manual process to obtain the similar results. The email extractor from EmailSmartz is quite different from similar email extractors available out in the market. There are many characteristics in this tool, which make it unique.

These characteristics are as follows:

The speed – EmailSmartz’s email address extractor is distinguished for its fast speed and constancy at the same time, and one can depend on the outcome delivered by it.
Less utilization of resources – The resources utilized by this tool are quite a few, and it assures the individual to collect all needed addresses at a fast speed.
Customization – There are various options available for the users to run any kind of email extraction process according to the needs of the business.
Validation rules – There are some validation rules defined for the software and it separates the needed and not-needed addresses on the basis of those rules. Invalid email addresses may include repeated addresses and the ones with invalid syntaxes.
Highly compatible – The email extractor from EmailSmartz is quite simple to use with different kinds of businesses, because it is compatible with different Windows systems.

Since this email address extractor is feature-rich and highly equipped, there are many advantages that are associated with it. The most important advantage is that it saves valuable time of the marketer… and the marketer can escape from the monotonous manual work. It also increases the rate of success in the email campaigning where the marketer needs 1000s of addresses at the same time. Thus by using email extraction tool, the marketer can lessen the heaviness of his or her task and can guarantee better growth prospects in the business firm.

When the email extraction tool is coupled with mass email sender, no one can stop a business from getting more sales leads and earn better income and profits. On one side, the extraction tool will extract the email addresses; on another side, email sender will send the emails to those addresses with a single click.

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