Pelvic abnormalities, like endometriosis or uterine abnormalities, are the cause of about 10% of adolescents and teenagers with severe dysmenorrhea.

If you have endometriosis, there will be irregular menstruation symptoms. Women with this disease may have shorter menstrual cycles, increased menstrual volume, and prolonged menstruation.

The occurrence of this phenomenon indicates that the ovarian function of the patients has some obstacles.

Endometriosis describes functional endometrial tissue away from uterine cavity. This happens in as much as 15% of menstrual women, mostly inside pelvis.

However, it has been reported that endometrial implants happens to many unusual elements of the pelvis, like the abdominal wall.

In a randomized controlled trial, women of childbearing age were included within the diagnosing laparoscopic endometriosis and were weighed against placebos, traditional therapies, non-therapies and TCM.

Twenty-four studies were identified as involving natural herbs in the treatments for endometriosis, including 100 participants, meeting each of the criteria for inclusion.

According on the connection between the analysis within the Guidelines for Clinical Research of New Chinese Medicine, evidence to prove the potency of herbal medicine inside the treatments for endometriosis pain is limited.

Herbal medicine has significant advantages in alleviating symptoms related to chronic diseases such as endometriosis, which is also beneficial towards the management of acute diseases like acute stroke or endometriosis.

For example,plant herbal remedy including Fuyan Pill is high recommended among endometriosis patients. It won't does any harm to one's body as a result of medical procedures, because it's added or subtracted formula, and yes it won't produce drug resistance.

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Women with endometriosis may feel very painful when they share a room with men,women will feel very painful because the ectopic endometrial conjunctivitis or ovarian adhesion in the pelvic floor.